gray cockatiel

The colors of normal gray cockatiels are dark gray. There are orange spots on these species and there are white lines on the edges of the wings. The facial colors of this type of cockatiel can also vary according to their gender. This species, which has yellow horizontal stripes starting from under the wings and extending to the end of the tail, has black spots on the feet and beak. It is one of the most common parrot species.

Gray Cockatiel Features

gray female cockatiel

The gray cokatiel are female. During the first 6 months, these cockatiel parrots can be female-looking. After 6 months, the parrots get over their moult, and males begin to show signs of masculinity, while females remain stable without any symptoms. In order to clearly understand the gender discrimination in such mutations, you must have a bird that has passed the molt period. More than 75% of the birds sold in pet shops are older than 6 months and gender discrimination is easily made.

Gray Cockatiel Prices

As with other sultan’s parrots, the prices of these parrots can vary. You can find out a more precise price by asking pet shops. On average, you can have a sultan parrot for $150 – $200.

Gray Cockatiel Prices

Gray Cockatiel Features

Cockatiel show more unity of behavior than other birds. It tells the same things with the same behaviors that it does to a large area. This is because they live in herds and love sociability. They learn a lot of things by looking at each other, they can interact comfortably. For this purpose, she learns to speak, especially men, and can use her imitation skills.

Beak squeaking: Cockatiel species make some sounds by moving their lower beaks to the left and right sides. Only cockatiel parrots can do this move. This means that everything is fine. Happy people usually take it off before they sleep. The cockatiel who made this sound should not be disturbed.

Gray Cockatiel Sex Discrimination

Do not repeat your own name: Men of cockatiel can learn a number of words. They often repeat their own names, which are among them, in some cases. It means that she wants attention, to be loved, to be talked to, and if she is released from her cage, she wants to go out.

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