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Cockatiels are a family of parrots, a member of the cockatoo family. Cockatiels were first discovered in America 1700 years ago, then brought to Europe and continued to be produced here. After the 1900s, the cockatiel parrots, which became more popular in the world, are the most fed bird species after the budgerigars. Although cockatiels were discovered in America, Australia is accepted as their homeland. Parrot prices are at a moderate level in cockatiel breeds.

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Cockatiel Breeds

Cockatiel parrots got this name because of the feathers on their heads. Because of these feathers, they are very similar to cockatoo parrots. The physical differences from other parrot species are the different tail part and the spot on the cheek. The tails of cockatiels are longer than other parrot species. The tail of the cockatoo parrot, which is very similar to itself, is short and square in appearance.
Cockatiel parrots are animals that love warm climate. The temperature of the place should be above 15-16 degrees. The most suitable temperature range for its maintenance is between 20-25 degrees. At lower temperatures, the animal may get sick and cause problems. Parrot prices are quite ideal for cockatiel breeds according to their characteristics.

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Cockatiel Interaction with Humans

Cockatiels can communicate very well with humans. Since they live in herds in their natural habitats, they have a high ability to interact. Cockatiels are larger in size than budgies. For this reason, it is not suitable to be kept in a budgerigar cage. It can be looked after as a single or double in cages suitable for its size. Although there is a belief that a bird must be alone in order to speak, this is also true for cockatiels. When viewed as a single cockatiel, the cockatiel can establish good communication bonds with you. But when it becomes a couple, it will accept the parrot next to it as a friend and communicate with it. If the parrot, which is fed alone, is not given attention, it can get stressed. This can cause the animal to shed its feathers, become trapped and cause health problems due to not eating feed.

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Cockatiel Lifespan

Cockatiels can live up to 20-25 years in their natural habitat. Throwing the animal into the cage naturally shortens its lifespan. The average lifespan of cockatiels living in cages is 12-15 years.

General Characteristics of the Cockatiel Parrot

  • Cockatiels are creatures that love to fly. When they are in a cage for too long, they get stressed and want to fly.
  • If you bought a cockatiel to speak, it would be beneficial to choose a male gender. Male cockatiels talk and whistle. Females are less likely to speak.
  • Male cockatiels love to show off and get attention. Females are aggressive, they have a high tendency to bite.
  • The voice of male cockatiels is similar to that of a canary, while the voice of females is a screech-like sound.
  • Cockatiels love to play with people and toys.
  • Sultan parrots, who like crowded environments, like to communicate with people very much.

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Communication and Mating Feature of the Cockatiel

Since she can easily communicate with her owner, she can express her wishes easily. As soon as it is not taken care of, it can have serious consequences that can lead to stress and death. Cockatiels are monogamous creatures. The female bird broods at night and the male one during the day. Cockatiels reach puberty between 6 and 9 months. When they come together with a suitable mate, which we call mating, they mate and start to lay eggs between 12-15 days. After each incubation period, there are 1-5 eggs. More egg-laying parrots have also been seen.

Cockatiel Diseases

Cockatiel Parrot Prices

Parrot prices can be in different price ranges in sultan breeds. The prices of cockatiels are more expensive than the lovebirds, which are the most ordinary parrot species, and cheaper than other parrot breeds. Prices may vary depending on the age of the animal. Although the puppies are more expensive, they get used to humans more quickly and talk more quickly. On the other hand, it is a difficult process to get old parrots to talk and get used to humans if they are still not speaking.

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