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The Ara parrot species is commonly known as the macaw. That’s why the prices of these birds can be a little expensive in the pet shop. It is a red colored parrot with very long tails and different spacings.

It is known that 2 generations of this parrot species do not exist. However, 7 species other than this still continue. It is larger in size than normal pet parrots. Its eyes are prominent and there is no hair on its face. It is a very active and friendly parrot species.

They do not like cages as they are very active during the day. Therefore, in order to get rid of their cages quickly, they want to adapt to the environment quickly and let their owners go out. Therefore, when you leave them at home, they can stay outside in a very home environment.

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General Characteristics of Ara Parrot Species

Ara parrot species are also found in quite different colors. They are named by their names. They are named as blue, red, yellow ara parrots. In addition to this, they are also known as blue ara parrot, soldier ara parrot, big green ara parrot. Although its lineage dates back to ancient times, a few species in particular can be seen with certain frequencies at present. Again, a couple of species are domesticated steadily.

In this parrot species, it is also the colors that are quite remarkable. Their color, which consists of bright feathers, extends further in the tail parts. In fact, these parrots were stolen for a while and even the parrottrade was made. It is one of the parrots you can get to tame, as it is a very affectionate and desirable species. Although the prices of ara parrots are high, it is worth buying.

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Ara Parrot Gender

In the arachnid species, the sex cannot be revealed by external appearance. Because they are very similar to each other with those of the same species. Only in some cases the part of their color changes place. Again, it is the same as the other species with the eye area and other long tails. Therefore, it is difficult to determine the gender by its appearance. However, it may be possible to determine the sex of this parrot species by testing.

Again, due to their lively appearance, it is difficult to determine the age of these parrots. Because in general, the estimated age from their beaks cannot be estimated in any way. Their beaks are either completely white or completely black. Both of these traits are seen in both males and females.

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Characteristics of Ara Parrot Species

The mainly Ara parrot has a rather different eye color. It is known for the absence of hair, especially around the eyes. They are available in colors such as blue, yellow, green and red. The size of the arachnid parrot can exceed 80 and 90 centimeters. If you take good care of them, their feathers will still look livelier and brighter.

At the same time, 8 different species can be found in the ara parrot species. The long tail is one of the most striking features of arachnids. It is known that the name given to these parrots is given because it is known to be an American parrot. Because they are mostly seen in that region and they are the most famous domesticated parrots of that region.

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What You Need to Know When Buying an Intermediate Parrot

At first, you should know that you cannot see this species everywhere. So you can find it in a certain area or region. At the same time, parrot prices are quite high in this pet shop. Because it is a species that cannot be found everywhere and it is very different from other parrots in terms of its characteristics, it is sold at higher prices.

Therefore, if you want to buy an ara parrot, you can do extensive research and try to find it. Because this species can be imported in almost every country. You need to do a precise research on the prices of ara parrots and get them from a reliable source.

Ara parrot prices vary between $20.000$40.000 in petshop shops. You can’t see this kind of big parrot in many pet shops, you can get ara parrots in most luxury areas or by special order. The price range varies according to conditions such as age, hair, height, weight, education (language training, toilet training).

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