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Alexander Parrots

The Latin name of this parrot species is Psittacula krameri. It is a member of the parrotidae family. It is also known as the Alexander parrot or the green parrotor the little Alexander parrot. It is one of the species that naturally got used to living in cities and can live in cities in small herds. In our country, we can sometimes see it in natural life. Although they are confused with the Alexander parrot, the parrot species is smaller than the Alexander parrot and there are some detail differences.

Alexander Parrot Characteristics

Its feathers are in various shades of green. Their beaks are red in color. While females do not have any neck bands, males have a black neck ring and pink nape band on their necks. Their average length is around 40 cm, including the tails. When the wings are opened, they have a length of around 40 cm from the sides. Their weight varies between 300-400 grams. They nest in tree cavities in their natural habitat. They fly fast and make noises while flying. Average life expectancy varies between 15 and 30 years.

Can Alexander Parrots Be Trained?

Alexander Parrots in a Cage Environment

Alexander Parrot Prices

You can often see Alexander parrots in the wild in Turkey. Alexander parrots, which can be caught in the wild, are very vicious and distrustful of humans. It is quite difficult to domesticate and requires patience. Prices of Alexander parrots vary between $1.000 and $2.500 for domestic parrots. The prices of wild and grumpy Alexander parrots vary between $500 and $750. Before buying a parrot, do not adopt it without knowing about its breed and temperament.

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