Talking parrot

Not only parrots, but also crows, magpies and starlings can talk when handled. Even sparrows and canaries that can say a few words have been recorded.

In fact, what birds do is not speaking, but memorizing and imitating sounds. Every person speaks with her mouth, but the main organ that enables speaking is the brain. The thoughts formed in the brain are then transferred to our tongue and lips. This is why animals cannot talk. What parrots and similar birds do is not speech, but a perfect timbre memorization and repetition.

Unlike mammals, the vocal organs are not located in the larynx, but at the bottom of the thorax, deep in the abdominal cavity, making these sound imitation features of birds more incomprehensible. Because of this place of their vocal organs, some birds such as chickens and ducks continue to sing after their heads are cut off.

This ability to imitate sounds is inherent in some birds. While living in harmony with nature, they were able to imitate the sounds of other birds, so they could communicate better with them and adapt to the environment better.

A Jaco Gray Parrot Saying Allah With An Exemplary Purpose

Parrots, the first bird that comes to mind when speaking, were first brought to Europe by Alexander the Great from India. The African Parrots, the best speaking species of parrots, arrive later. budgerigar 19. They were brought to Europe from Australia in the middle of the century. Parrots enjoy learning human names, greetings and question words. A parrot can learn 500-600 words. Over time, she forgets some words and learns new words instead.

Despite their ability to imitate human voices and animal cries, and to use their fingers, parrots cannot be said to be a highly developed species. According to experts, parrots are less developed spiritually than crows.

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