Parrot Prices

Talking Parrot Prices

Parrots are well-known bird species for their mimicry abilities. They can imitate any sound they hear. They are capable of this. In some species, their imitation ability is so perfect that they can imitate the voices of three different people in the household in three different ways. They can imitate the sound of any instrument they hear a melody from. Parrots don’t just have the ability to imitate. Some parrot species are highly intelligent. They have the ability to perceive questions and produce answers. They can answer the question “I’m fine” when asked how are you, they can say their name when asked, they can say who is it when the doorbell rings. However, there are parrot species that do not speak or imitate. These species have their own unique sounds and songs, just like other bird species.

Talking Parrot Sounds

Talking Parrot Prices:

In pet shops, you can find talking parrots with a minimum price of $3,000 and a maximum of $25,000. If they are bought as puppies, they give a price of at least between $3,000 and $5,000. With good training, males can speak 10-15 words and whistle various whistles. Females rarely speak. We recommend that you buy parrots that want attention by researching them thoroughly.

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