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Blue Breasted Ara Parrot

Blue-Breasted Ara (Ara Glaucogularis) Parrot

Blue-Breasted Arachnid Habitats – Wildlife
It lives freely in the Beni Bolivia region, which is a small area and flat area with a little under 100 backward members. It is one of the most endangered intermediate species. It is people who cause and create it, as always. The main reasons are as follows: The irresponsible use of the living spaces of these parrots. It damages their nests illegally and takes the young and destroys them. In addition, adults are also caught and sold for commercial purposes.

Washington species conservation unit and CITES consider this species as group A on the conservation list. In addition, in recent years, LPF (Loro Parque Fundacion) has been supporting this species conservation organization, which is called “Armonia”, which is carried out in Bolivia (the homeland of the species).

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They live in forests near the sea and rivers, in semi-open swampy areas, which they share with Ara Ararauna and Ara Macao, and mostly in savannas (with less grass and palm species). Since these places are constantly flooded for at least 5 months of the year, they are impassable by humans. More visits.

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General Description and Characteristics of the Blue-Breasted Intermediate

They are about 75 – 80 centimeters in size. Male and female are the same color. It is difficult to distinguish them at first glance with the naked eye. The upper parts are blue from the forehead to the tip of the tail. There is a slight greenish color wave in the blue tone on the forehead. The area around the eyes, the cheeks and the upper part of the nose are hairless white in color and covered with fine lines of blue hairs. The hairs starting under the cheeks and remaining outside are in a yellow tone close to orange. Its flight wings and tail are also blue. The undertail is also orange-yellow in color.

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The iris of the eyes is yellowish, and the feet are blackish-dark brown. Its beak is completely black. Colors are the same in young and young birds. . The only difference is that the cheeks are darker and the iris of the eyes is brownish.

The Blue-Breasted Arachnid’s Diet and What Do They Eat?

There is not much information available about the way of life in its natural environment. It is known that they are constantly in search of food and feed on the nuts of palm trees. It is a species that lives in the herd tradition.

Outside the incubation period, they form large common groups with the Blue Yellow Arachnid. In general, there are similarities between these two species in many ways.

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Blue Breasted Intermediate Reproduction and Incubation Periods

In fact, they have almost the same features as Ara ararauna in this respect. In the southern parts of their natural habitats, the incubation period begins in November, while in the more northerly regions, this period begins 1-2 weeks later. They make their nests by carving the palm trees they choose from the swampy areas. Each brood has a maximum of 3 eggs.

The incubation period is around 28 days. Within 90 days, the cubs learn to fly, and within 12 weeks they become independent of their families.

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Blue-Breasted Arachnid Pet Care and Cage Life

They are not very common. With their large size, they are difficult to maintain in the home environment. If it is to be looked at, it should be looked at only in keels made in a very large area (as much as it will need).

They used to consider this species as a subspecies of those in the same group as Ara Ararauna. But over time this concept has changed. When you examine it with a very careful eye, you will see that especially the face shapes and colors are different. In addition, the high learning ability in Ara Ararauna is not available in this species. In fact, it is the least talented intermediate type compared to other types. In general, its features are also different from other species.

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