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conure parrot prices

After the topic of Conure parrot Prices, its features are also a matter of curiosity for bird lovers. The Conure parrot has vibrant colors and therefore adds joy to the home they live in. These animals are also very intelligent and friendly. They can grasp things very quickly and love people very much. They always try to attract attention by making cute moves to the people they are attracted to. Their curiosity is also noted by their owners. If they are curious about the items they have seen since inside the cage, they will be impatient to put in those items when they get out of the cage. Birds should not be missed because these animals have character and another name is sun conure parrot.

These animals, which have been kept as pets for a long time, are very noisy animals, so the citizens who will adopt this servant for the first time should take this into account. So much so that they are the loudest birds among medium-sized parrots. They love to talk and sing.

sun Conure parrot price

Conure Parrot Habitat

Living areas such as Conure parrot Prices, where they come from, is one of the issues that are wondered by the buyers. The Konur Parrot, also known as the Sun Conure parrot, comes from South American countries such as Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. They are usually found in the interior of tropical regions. These birds often nest in fruit trees or palm trees. The Conure parrot has started to become extinct day by day, especially after it has been kept as a pet, its extinction has come under risk. For this reason, the trade of this bird is prohibited by the European Union.

Conure parrot

General Characteristics of the Conure parrot

The Conure parrotis a medium-sized animal. When they reach the adult age, their length is around 30 cm on average. In terms of weight, it varies between 100 and 200 grams on average. When fed in a cage, the Conure parrot lives for an average of 20 to 30 years. They can live comfortably in a cage alone or in pairs. When these birds reach adulthood, they are generally bright melon-colored. However, puppies are not as colorful as adults. Red, blue and green colors can be found on their bodies from time to time. They must be an average of 1 year old to take on the adult coloration.

types of Conure parrot

The sun Conure parrot is placed. The beak and feet of the parrot are black. However, they have rings around their eyes. There is no noticeable difference between the male and female types, but the male types are much more talkative.

Conure parrot gender discrimination

Conure parrot Price

Conure parrot has a playful character and they love to entertain people. They love their own family members and they love to do athletic movements. They are fairly easy to train and are not aggressive. However, they can be extremely aggressive if provoked.

Conure parrot training

Since the Conure parrot is quite mobile, there should be a gap of 2.5 cm between the cage holes, otherwise its head will be stuck. It is very useful to have a swing at the top of the cage so that they can have a comfortable time. Also, the Conure parrot does not like to be bathed, so it is ideal to wash it once a week. It is possible to feed these birds with snacks and cereals. It may be good to try different flavors in between.

conure parrot prices

As with every parrot species, Conure parrots vary in price according to all kinds of physiological factors such as feather, size, health, education. We give prices according to our research from the social media and petshop shops in the market, where the prices of the macaw parrot start from a minimum of $250 and go up to $500.

how long does a Conure parrot live

The prices of the Konur Parrot vary between $250 and $500. They are priced at this level because they are among the best pets available today. Animal-loving people can own a Conure parrot at this price level. Since they are long-lived creatures and they are not that expensive, many people want to buy Parrots by giving their money. With the popularity of pets recently, the Conure parrot has also gained fame.

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