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Monk Parrot Prices

Monk Parrot prices This parrot species, which can be found easily in Pet Shop stores, is very affordable compared to other parrot species. The prices of this highly preferred parrot species may vary according to the animal’s fattening, age and education. Especially those who want to buy for breeding may have to pay a higher price. However, there is a Monk Parrot breed for everyone’s budget. This parrot species, which is a very good life partner, is loved by those who love birds because of its longevity.

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Monk Parrot Characteristics

Monk Parrot prices as well as the characteristics of this parrot species is a subject of curiosity by fans. While the monk parrot is more common in the European Region, it is seen less frequently in Turkey. However, as a result of mating, it is frequently found in our country today. Their natural habitats are South America, especially Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil and Bolivia. Of course, its habitat has spread day by day and has become easily available in many countries. They have gained the appreciation of many animal lovers in our country with their distinctive structure and cute appearance.

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What Does a Monk Parrot Eat?

After the subject of monk parrot prices, it is also a matter of great curiosity what these parrots feed. Because feeding birds well is very important for their longevity. Fortunately, people who buy Monk parrots are very lucky because such parrots like to have a variety in food. They like to be fed with different food groups without being tied to a single group. They only want to be fed with animal foods at the beginning, but increasing the number of foods in the growing age is beneficial for their health as well. Monk parrot foods can be indicated as:

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As you can see, the foods that monk parrots eat are quite diverse. It should not be forgotten that they feel happier when they are well fed. It should also be noted that they are definitely not popular animals for people living in agricultural areas because they can harm all agricultural products.

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Monk Parrot General Information

Monk parrots are generally known as adaptable and docile animals. Although they are animals that roam in herds in their natural habitats, they can generally be looked after as a single or in pairs when kept at home. They are examined in groups of 10 farms at mating and breeding times. These parrot species live on average between 20 and 30 years. However, they are not animals affected by cold or heat, they can adapt to any environment.

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Monk parrots are animals that love to play. For this reason, instead of confining them in a small cage, it would be better to place them in a large cage where they can move freely. Putting as many toys as possible in the cage will help them relieve their boredom. It is one of the most active and friendly parrot species. They love people very much and don’t sit still for a minute. Because they are intelligent, they follow people very well and can talk to people like a human. They are among the best parrot species to be kept at home.

How to Care for a Monk Parrot?

Monk Parrot cage should be cleaned on average every 2 weeks. The cage should be washed with warm water and disinfected frequently. However, at least once a week the parrot should be bathed in a special container. While the parrot is bathing, it should be released by washing itself.

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Monk Parrot Prices

Monk Papağan Fiyatları 2023
Monk papağanları(keşiş paraket) yeni yılda 2023 yılında 5.500₺ ile 7.000₺ arası sahiplendirme yapılacaktır. Sahip olacağınız monk papağanları hakkında detaylı bilgiye web sitemizden ulaşabilirsiniz.
Monk Papağan Fiyatları 2022
Monk papağanları fiyatları bulunduğu coğrafi bölgeye papağanın tüyü, yaşı(yavru veya yetişkin), eğitimi ve özelliklerine göre değişiklik göstermektedir. Monk papağanı ortalama fiyatları 2.500₺3.000₺ arasında değişiklik göstermektedir.
Monk Papağan Fiyatları 2024
Monk papağanları, evinize sıcaklık ve neşe katan canlı renkleri ve eğlenceli kişilikleriyle öne çıkan özel evcil hayvanlardır. 2024 yılında Monk papağanları için belirlenen fiyat aralığı genellikle 6.000₺ ile 8.000₺ arasında değişiklik göstermektedir. Bu fiyatlar, papağanın özelliklerine, renk seçeneklerine ve genel sağlık durumuna bağlı olarak değişebilir.
Monk Papağanı Renkleri Fiyat Aralığı
Yeşil 6.000₺
Mavi 7.000₺
Sarı ve Beyaz 8.000₺
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