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Eclectus Parrot Prices

Eclectus Parrot Prices

Eclectus parrots generally prefer to live in Australia. In terms of height, they exceed 30 centimeters. They also have a very long lifespan in terms of life years. It has a life-year of about 30 years. It is a highly intelligent breed, which affects the Eclectus parrot price feature.

It is a very active, curious and spoiled parrot species. It is one of the species that can easily adapt to the cage environment, whether it likes it or not. From the moment it gets used to its owner, it is a parrot that can be very comfortable in front of its owner and can show her love with all her spoiled things. At the same time, they can be predatory and shy towards people they do not know.

eclectus parrot prices

Characteristics of Eclectus Parrot Species

It is one of the parrot species that can speak almost as fluently as a human. Quite a lot of vocabulary memory is available when given correctly to the training. While using a word or two at first, she starts to derive sentences from these words, which shows how smart this animal is. Its voice is also rather weak, and this feature makes this parrot breed preferable.

At the same time, this feature affects the price of eclectus parrots in an upward direction. Again, it is almost impossible to keep this parrot in place. If a cage is to be purchased, a cage that is very wide and has plenty of toys should be preferred. In terms of games, it is one of the parrot species that wants to play with its owners and is happy with it.

eclectus parrot price

Nutrition of Eclectus Parrot Species

This parrot differs from other parrots with its voice and many more features. However, one more feature distinguishes it from other parrots. It is also because the digestive system is quite long. That’s why she usually likes to eat more capillary foods. Similar to other parrots, this parrot likes flowers and pollen foods more.

Since the Eclectus parrot is a special parrot, it is also fed with certain diets. Due to the sensitive care of this parrot and other features, the prices of eclectus parrots vary. Another common feature with other parrots in terms of nutrition is that it also likes fruits. However, the most important point in the nutrition of this parrot is that if a diet has been created, it should be applied in the best way.

eclectus parrot characteristics

Sex in the Eclectus Parrot

Normally, gender discrimination in other parrots is very difficult. It is almost impossible from the outside. However, gender discrimination can be made in the eclectus parrot species from its external appearance. It is a parrot whose sex can be determined even by the color of its feathers.

Therefore, while the color of the females in the eclectus parrot species is red and blue; those of the male are almost entirely green. Again, there is a clear case of eclectic gender discrimination. That is, the upper beaks of the females are black and the eclectus males are orange. In this way, it is possible to distinguish between the sexes of the eclectus parrot.

eclectus parrot price

Price in Eclectus Parrot Type

Since the eclectus parrot is a very cheerful and preferable parrot species, there are many factors affecting its price. The size, color, sex of this parrot, as well as its age, are important factors. Eclectus parrot prices are generally higher in line with these criteria, and the least you can find is $1000.

If the general price is put, it varies between $1000$4000. However, it is possible to find a price lower or higher than this. Because the general characteristics and characteristics of this creature cause its price to change. Therefore, a general research can be made and an attempt can be made to find the desired price for this species. In fact, when determining the price of this species, even its weight can be included in the price.

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