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Lory Parrot Prices

Lory parrot species is one of the most beautiful species that can be preferred. Because, in general, all parrots are lively, active and love to do this all the time. They also love water and love to play in the water. So having something to deal with makes it easier for you to look at it.

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There are different types of parrots: red lorikeet, Duyvenbode lorikeet, cardinal lorikeet, rainbow lorikeet, blue striped lorikeet, and goldi lori. Some of these species are very docile and some are extremely aggressive. That’s why the adaptation phase can sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult.

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General Features of Lory Species

Lory parrot species are generally preferred more docile ones. In addition, the prices of Lori parrots are high due to the fact that they are a rare species and cannot be domesticated all of them. However, they are also the most affectionate of parrot species. Because it is quite mobile, flexible and generally its dimensions do not exceed 30 centimeters.

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At the same time, it is very difficult for them to be separated from each other as genders. Because they love to play, their cages should be wider. Again, since all of these species love water very much, they should be played in water frequently, especially in summer. In winter, it should be done more carefully considering the cold.

lory parrot prices

Red Lori Parrot

It is known that the Red Lori parrot generally likes a warm climate, loves to play with water, and is around 30 centimeters in diameter, and lives up to 40 years at most. It is also a parrot that can accompany you to many games. The cage you will buy for the parrot should be wider, in a high area with many toys to play with.

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Because this parrot likes to look high and it is very difficult to distinguish it from other species in terms of gender. Therefore, you can determine the sex of these parrot species only through testing. There are some criteria as lori parrot prices. That’s why its price and price range is constantly changing. Another reason why it is so expensive is that it is a hard-to-find species.

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Duyvenbode Lory Parrot

The Duyvenbode Lori parrot prefers green and close to the beach, probably because it loves water as its habitat. It is a parrot species that does not exceed 30 centimeters in size. At the same time, the beak of this parrot is black, and the colored part of its eyes is more reddish. Again, it will not be possible to distinguish its gender with an external impression. His favorite foods are usually this type of fresh and soft food. Lori parrot prices also stand out as a very expensive species.

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Besides, they love fruits very much and also love to pick flowers from the tree. Their breeding period is 26 days in total in the Duyvenbode species. What distinguishes this parrot from the other is that its feathers are almost non-existent. Therefore, the colors on the parrot are only seen on the face and are mostly black.

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Cardinal Lori Parrot

Cardinal Lori parrots generally love wooded areas and try to climb to the top of the forest. That’s why they generally live there, and because the parrot species likes to live on its own, it does not easily form a group with other parrots. At the same time, this parrot species is one of the parrot species that can do gymnastic movements in the best way.

That’s why it is one of the most adorable parrots you can buy. Cardinal Lori parrots also do not like to be kept in cages. That’s why you may need to leave it somewhere in the house after the acclimation period.

A healthy lory parrot, like parrots with good training and care, varies from $2.000 to $10.000.

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