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When you prefer talking parrots, you will never feel lonely even if there is a sound that will never be heard in your home. When you come home, they make up all the sentences that you talk to and teach you. When you leave them free inside the house, they are placed next to you and wander around the house.

There are various types of parrots. You can buy whichever type is more suitable for your house. Talking parrots are bird species that are affordable and you can find them everywhere. Talking parrot prices start from $250 and range from $25.000 to parrot prices. If you wish, we can list the parrot species that are compatible for you both in terms of home and features as follows;

Kakadu Papağanı Fiyatı Sahibinden

Talking Cockatiels

cockatiel parrot is one of the most preferred bird species among parrot species and is kept at home. It has a very sweet appearance with yellow and orange colors. It is also a bird known in many different parts of the world. It will surprise you with its intelligence as well as being an easy bird to care for. Among the parrot species, it is the species with the most developed speech ability. At the same time, among its most important features is the ability to whistle. They whistle professionally. The cockatiel parrot, which is very affectionate towards its owner, never leaves its owner.

Lovebird Baby Prices

Love Bird

This bird, also known as the lovebird, also known as the lovebird, is a bird that lives in the African continent. However, this parrot species is quite small in size when compared to other parrot species. It has a weight of 50 grams and a length of up to 15 cm. It is a preferable bird for those who will feed a bird for the first time. It is a species whose speech ability is not developed and does not speak even if it gets used to its owner. They are energetic and playful.

caique parrot

caique parrot

It is one of the most well-known parrot species among the small parrot species. Caique Parrot With an energetic personality, this bird is a suitable bird to be kept at home. They constantly roam around the house, as well as love to roam on the back. It has an average life expectancy of 25 years. It does not have the ability to speak, but it is a bird species that manages to endear itself due to its energetic nature.

What Are the Characteristics of a Talking Parrot?

Talking parrots become like family when kept at home. It will not be easy to give up when you get used to these bird species, which always manage to attract attention with their cheerful demeanor, energetic nature and talkative demeanor. Since they have a structure suitable for feeding at home, you will not have any problems with feeding and getting used to the house. You will never feel alone, thanks to its features of repeating what you say. The beautiful features of the talking parrot are as follows;

Speaking in their body structures, the feet of parrots are short and both sides are in front. It has 4 feet in total, with two toes on the back.

They feed on a variety of nutrients such as flowers, fruits, buds and seeds. For birds living at home, it can usually be fed with bird food.

Since there are multiple varieties of parrots, each one has a different life span. Some parrot species can live up to 70 years, while others can live up to 25 years.

Since talking parrots have a very strong memory, they keep all the words you speak next to them in their memory and repeat the words.

Although parrots generally live in trees, they can easily live in houses as they can easily get used to people.

Baby Macaw for Sale

Celebrate your home with talking parrots

The energetic feeling created by talking parrots for both the house and the owner will remain as long as they live in the house. If you want to bring joy to your homes, you can choose talking parrots.

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