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Caique Parrot Prices

The Caique parrot is a very cute parrot species. It is similar to lori types with its movements and appearance in general. That’s why Caique parrot prices can be a bit expensive. The main colored part of their eyes is black and the other part is red.

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It is a type of parrot that is also available in different colors. There are black, yellow, white and magenta colors. However, you will see the caique parrot predominantly in green colours. In addition, this species is generally 20 – 25 cm in size.

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It is a type of parrot that generally likes to live in groups. They love being free, flying, and water. That’s why they get bored quickly when in a cage. Usually for them you need to acquire fairly spacious cages. Also the cages must be in a high area. Because caique parrots like to look from above.

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Ages and Gender

It is quite difficult to distinguish the sex of the Caique parrot. Because they are very similar to their species and it is also very difficult to estimate the age of this species. However, the plumage of the younger ones is a little more yellowish. It is very difficult or even impossible to determine its gender by external observation. Therefore, a result can be obtained by definitely testing about gender.

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If you know a lot about parrots, you can guess the age of the Caique parrot from its beak. However, in general, there is very little opening in their beaks, so you may not be able to make a good guess. These birds are very cute and sometimes have a very loud and alarming call when they feel threatened.

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Caique Parrot Home Care

Caique parrots generally do not like cages at all. Because it is one of the parrots that is very active and wants a wide area. That’s why you need to take them out of their cages and let them roam around often, especially in the summer. If you do not do this, you may constantly shout and at the same time, you may need to take care of it and play games constantly, since it is a game-loving parrot. Because it is a kind of parrot that requires attention.

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In general, she likes soft food and may be fruit. However, you still need to choose ready-made foods for them to eat. Because the caique parrot may not eat the food you give. In addition, the cage should be wide and full of toys. Caique parrot prices are high because it is a suitable parrot species to be fed at home.

Caique Parrot Prices

Things to Consider When Buying a Caique Parrot

Especially since it is very preferred as a species, parrots of this species are very active and only stagnate when they are sick. Therefore, if you sense a sleepiness or fatigue in general, the parrot may be sick.

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At the same time, the prices of caique parrots will vary constantly. It differs in color, mobility, and size. That’s why you can do research on this subject and get the caique parrot at the price you can buy.

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Caique Parrot Care Things to Consider

The Caique parrot is generally a water-loving species. That’s why she often plays with water and does not stop playing even in winter. However, there are some things you should pay attention to about this water. You should definitely control the temperature, especially in order not to be cold and not sick. As soon as you realize that you are sick, you should not neglect it and have it treated.

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Otherwise, the bird will get sick. At the same time, if you plan to buy a mate for a caique parrot, choose to buy from the same species. Because they are of the same species, they will get along more.
If you know that the parrot has a mate, you should take it with its mate. Otherwise, the parrot will get sick quickly, and if it progresses, it may even result in death.

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