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Voluntary Adoption The African Grey Parrot is a medium-sized parrot of the parrot family, also called the African gray parrot. It is a species with an average length of 30-35 cm, with black and more gray color tones, and the color of its tail in burgundy or red tones. Among the parrot species, it is known as the most intelligent species that is available for speech and open to training. They have a lifespan of 80-90 years. One of its most interesting features; when they are indifferent, they pluck their own hair.

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Feeding African Grey Parrots

They usually look for food most of their time. In their natural environment, namely in the forests, parrots eat plenty of fruits and seeds, and although these foods are actually very nutritious, they cause stomach pain in parrots due to the substance they secrete. they flush out harmful toxins.

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The reason why parrots need high nutritional values is their fast metabolism.

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African Grey parrots are fed only seeds in pet shops, which accustoms parrots to seeds. If you want to give your parrot a habit of eating, which is accustomed to the core, you need to apply some ways.

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How to Gain Eating Habits to African Grey Parrots?

It takes a long time to get African Grey Parrots into the habit of cooking. This process is as follows;

  • Get 250 grams each from foods such as oats, barley, buckwheat, and corn.
  • Place these nutrients in the seeds your African Grey eats and give them for a few months.
  • This stage requires some patience, you should not rush.
  • When your parrot gets used to these foods, you can switch to vegetable dishes.

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can be listed as. In addition, the foods that should not be eaten should be taken into consideration while gaining the habit of eating.

Foods to Avoid for Your African Grey Parrot

Giving your parrot foods such as chocolate, fatty and salty foods, cola and all beverages containing gas, fruit juices and fruit seeds, dates, onions, eggplant and mushrooms will seriously impair their health.

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You should be patient, calm and understanding during the process of acquiring the parrot eating habit. There should be love in your relationships because; African Grey parrots; They are creatures that can understand people’s feelings and do not forget this.

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How to Give African Grey Education

The first requirement is patience. You should not expect your parrot to learn and apply everything immediately. The first day you buy the room should be a light and quiet room. It only takes one person to get used to it. Water and food should be given regularly and the cageshould be constantly renewed. You should help her get used to it with soft words, never frighten her, do not make loud, sudden noises, do not take them by force. If you want your speech to be fast, you should use short words. You should not hold your hand in the cage for a long time. After her relationship with you improves, she gradually begins to trust to meet your family as well. As she gets used to it, she can start to go out.

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Voluntary adoption The African Grey parrotis a species that can understand the cause and effect relationship. That’s why you can take advantage of this model while giving your education. This training can only be given when she is used to you and fully trusts you. You should repeat the words you want your parrot to say often, while appearing happy and interested in it.

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The breeding time of the African Grey parrot

African Grey best breeding time is from September to July, they lay few eggs. Their cages must be large for them to breed and they must flap their wings easily in it. Their cages should be made of stainless steel. There should be beak stones in the cage and they should be fed with quality and mixed feeds. Drinking water should always be taken care of and hygiene should be given importance. Breeding in African Grey parrots is somewhat difficult, but not impossible. If you provide natural heat and environment to your female or male parrots, you are likely to have offspring.

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