Parrot Prices

Senegal Parrot Prices

One of the preferences of those who love to keep pets is birds. Parrots are also remarkable bird species with their different appearances and features. Animal lovers who want to own a parrot make a choice by researching its features. There are many parrot breeds. The Senegalese parrot is one of the parrot breeds that is admired for its different features and appearance.

Senegal parrot for sale

The prices of these cute parrots with many features are similar to other parrot species. You can have Senegalese parrots for $500 or $1,500 worth of prices. Regardless of the type of parrot, there will be price changes according to the region, depending on the color, feather, care, education and health condition.

Senegalese Parrot Characteristics

The color of the head, neck, cheeks and larynx of the Senegalese parrot is gray. The colors on the body part are yellow, orange and green. When they are young, their eyes are dark black. As the parrot grows, a yellow ring forms around the iris of the eye. The male and female are the same color.

how much is a senegalese parrot

Adult Senegalese parrots average 25 cm in length. Its weight is up to 130-160 grams. Their life span is on average 25-30 years. If living conditions are good, it can live up to 45 years.

how much is a senegalese parrot

Does Senegalese Parrot Speak?

It is quieter than other parrot breeds. It has a thin voice, although it does not make a sound all the time, it can make high-pitched sounds at certain times during the day. Her speaking ability is not very good. She can imitate a few words, depending on her training. Although this bird does not speak very well, it can imitate your movements. Another feature of the Senegalese parrot is its whistling.

Senegalese parrot prices

During the day, she can sleep for 12 hours with her head turned on her back. The incubation period of the Senegalese parrot is 26-28 days. If you want to have this cute parrot, you can get information about the prices of the senegal parrot from the producers and on our website.

Senegal Parrot Prices

How to Feed a Senegalese Parrot?

The Senegalese parrot is a bird that lives in Africa and cannot fly very long. It makes short curious flights in its natural habitat only to find forage. In their natural habitat, they feed by eating grains and peanuts. Peanuts are a good choice for this pet parrot breed.

Fruits, grains, nuts, ready-made parrot food and green foods can be given to the Senegalese Parrot. If you want to own parrots, you can easily decide on the prices and features of Senegal parrots by accessing a lot of information on our website.

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