African Parrots

How to Tell the Sex of a African Grey Parrot?

African Grey parrots are a type of bird with a gray body and a red or burgundy tail. These parrots, which can be understood clearly when they speak, have the ability to memorize and imitate words. These animals, which are generally fed with unsalted seeds and peanuts in our country; It can eat fruits, vegetables and even snails.

African Grey parrot

Issues such as what the African Grey parrot eats the most, how the African Grey parrot is sexed, and the cageprices for African Grey parrots make the owner think about this animal, which brings up many questions after adoption.

How to tell the sex of a African Grey parrot

What Does a African Grey Parrot Eat?

As we mentioned, in order to meet the vitamin and mineral needs of these animals, which are often placed in the feed bowl, corn, rice, barley, oats and nuts can be given as cereals, as well as foods such as boiled eggs, fruit, dry bread, boiled potatoes. While green leafy vegetables are not recommended due to the risk of diarrhea, chocolate should never be given because it is poisonous.

African Grey parrot characteristics

African Grey Parrot Training

These animals, which are happy when they receive attention from their owners, like all animals, will also pay off when they receive a good education. African Grey parrots, especially when they are small, can be trained more easily, and these animals, which are often chatted, have more ability to speak words. For this reason, interest should not be neglected in African Grey parrots. When the love and attention of their owner decreases, their learning ability decreases and they may start to pluck their feathers.

How to tell the breed of African Grey parrot

African Grey Parrot Characteristics

These animals, which live for 50 years on average, can live 80-90 years when cared for carefully. Jakos, who can speak up to 1000 words when well trained, are quite chatty and can even scream at times. They can imitate sounds very well as well as saying words one by one. Females, whose incubation period varies between 27-30 days, can give 1 or 4 eggs in a single egg laying. While there are many different detection ways for African Grey parrot sex discrimination, the most reliable way is to configure with a DNA report.

African Grey parrot gender

African Grey Parrot Age Detection

Baby African Grey parrots have black eyes and remain blackish until the animal is 3 years old. After the age of 3, the color starts to lighten and even looks yellow. After the age of 3, it is very difficult to distinguish age with findings such as hair and eye color. Because after the age of 3, not all parrots show age. They may gain or lose weight, their feathers may be different, but a parrot between 3 and 10 years old may look the same age.

African Grey parrot sexism

The most accurate way for age estimation after the age of 3 is the DNA test, which can also distinguish between Jaco parrot sex. With this test performed abroad, the parrot’s age and sex can be determined, as well as reproductive performance can be measured.

African Grey parrot gender prediction

How to Tell the Sex of a African Grey Parrot?

African Grey, who can hardly tell from their appearance whether they are male or female, can be subjected to DNA testing. DNA test results are mostly accurate data. African Grey parrot sex discrimination can be detected by applying endoscopy as well as DNA. Since DNA testing is performed abroad and there is no specialist veterinarian for endoscopy in Turkey, gender can be determined or predicted, albeit partially, based on external appearance.

African Grey parrot gender discrimination

African Grey parrots, who reach adulthood and are at least 1 year old, lose the rash-like blackness on their tails. Thus, the tail can be completely red or burgundy. The focus is on the tail to distinguish between African Grey parrot sexes by looking at the plumage. In female African Grey parrots, silvery feather colors are noticed when looking carefully at the ends of the tail feathers. In male African Grey parrots, the color of the tail feathers is completely red. In addition, females have a black band appearance on the wing.

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