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Parrot Food Preparation

Parrots, the cutest and friendliest bird species in the world, are a passion for the enthusiast. They make you laugh with their speech and amaze you with their intelligence. Feeding these friends is actually not as difficult as it seems. It is possible to prepare parrot food very easily and extremely economically in domestic conditions. With the following materials, almost all the nutritional value of a parrot can be met.

The baits sold in packages are both hostile to the wallet and the variety of materials in them is almost the same. However, preparing parrot food in the home environment will be both much more economical and quite clean. So, how should the appropriate and beautiful parrot food preparation be?

homemade parrot food

How to Prepare Parrot Food?

Here are the necessary materials for the preparation of parrot food:

  • shelled peanuts,
  • vetch,
  • sweetcorn,
  • rice,
  • hazelnut,
  • sunflower seeds,
  • oat,
  • wheat

various dried fruits (dried apricots, dried figs, raisins and.), pumpkin seeds (optional), millet (optionally branch millet), hemp(optional) A piece of each of these listed materials is taken and placed in a large bowl suitable for the parrot’s beak and blended. This mixture is given to the parrot occasionally during the day.

It should be noted that shelled foods should not be suggestive. On the contrary, they are the favorite food of parrots. In addition to all these dry foods, they can be supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables without exaggerating too much. (Carrots, apples, apricots, broccoli, lettuce, strawberries, figs, peas, peaches, strawberries, grapes, cucumbers, etc.) That’s how simple and fun to prepare parrot food at home.

homemade parrot food


In order for the parrot to survive, it is necessary to meet its vitamin needs apart from the nutrients it receives. Vitamin drops sold in many places can be used in this. These points should not be skipped in order to raise healthier, more vigorous parrots that do not stop talking. Parrots cannot show their normal development if they do not receive proper and complete nutrition.

The reason why a parrot is unpretentious is its irregular and one-sided feeding. Not all parrots like these foods to the same extent. It would be best to give her the right to choose and feed her with the foods she likes as she gets to know her taste in time.

Budgie Food Benefits

Things to pay attention

It is not a good choice to feed parrots with seeds only. in their natural nature

They live on fruit, bark, foliage, plant seeds, nutaceae, flower seeds, bulbous and tuberous roots, insects and worms. A pet parrot has to eat whatever its owner gives it. All the fruits given should be carefully washed and dried as we humans eat them. All food should be given after it has come to room temperature. Parrots, who eat small portions of food intermittently, are not voracious animals.

They want to see their bait where they are used to and prefer to eat whenever they want. That’s why their feeders must have food. Apart from all these, another important point to be noted is the foods that should never be given. These are: fatty and salty foods, onions, spicy foods, eggplant, chocolate, whole fruit seeds (as they may contain lethal chemicals), parsley leaves, dates, etc. such as foods.

forpus parrot food


Fruits and vegetables spoil quickly. For this reason, it is necessary to clean the residues of these foods from the cage before they start to deteriorate. It is very wrong to feed the parrot with only one type of feed because of all this trouble. Because these animals, which are extremely chatty, do not eat only because of their biological needs. They also happily eat for their pleasure. For this reason, when the bird does not deign to feed, which is prepared with care or bought by paying a lot of money, it should be tolerated and not taken for granted. It’s probably a food she’s never eaten and she can’t get used to it.

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