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It is the oldest known source of herbal raw materials throughout history. It is a plant used in the production of yarn, weaving and fabric in factories, and the other pulpy part in making paper. Its homeland is Central Asia, especially China. There has always been a debate about the use of cannabis in Turkey. These debates, which grew as to whether it is prohibited or not, ended with our President’s statement that we will produce again, not prohibited.

How is hemp grown?

Synthetic was used because it was forbidden

It was perhaps a wrenching situation for us that some of the products that we all love are made of synthetics. It will make everyone happy if the products made with hemp are made with their own substance, not this way. Well, the answer to the questions of why was hemp banned was the drug that can be made from its substance.

How Cannabis Grow?

Currently, hemp is used in more than thirty thousand products in the world. It is also stated that it is an oxygen source after the examinations made in the laboratories. Cannabis is grownin about 4 or 5 months. However, the cannabis tree grows for more than twenty years. It is also known as a product that requires very little water. It also does not need pesticides as it can protect itself from harmful insects.

cannabis cultivation

Where Is Cannabis Used?

Paper is one of the most widely used sectors. Cannabis, which can also be used in the field of health, is also used in the fields of AIDS, cancer and chemical treatment. Cannabis, which is used in countless subjects, can be used in more than two hundred places in the field of health. For example, if the important point of a vehicle is made of hemp, more robustness will be obtained from steel.

Cannabis Seed

Why Was Marijuana Banned?

Why was a product with benefits that I can’t finish counting so much banned? Behind this, unfortunately, is the influence of the world’s giant countries. The petrochemical giant USA introduced hemp as a drug to use petrochemicals instead of the cannabis product competing for its own interests. Years ago, the United States of America, which punished the farmer who did not plant hemp, for some reason gave up this strategy. After these events, cannabis became a harmful substance in people’s minds. However, when this production stopped, trees began to be used for paper production. Thus, the trees began to be destroyed.

Where Is Cannabis Used?

Hemp and Turkey

After years, after the value of hemp was understood, European countries started to plant hempagain. The strange thing is that hemp has never been banned in our country. It was only in the early 1990s that hemp production was regulated. When we listened to our elders, we know that they said that we used to plant hemp in our own garden and we would make our own quilt with it. The forbidden part is as follows. You can use the fiber and seed as you wish, but by destroying the leaves. That ban continues. Since hemp is a very durable product, it has an important place in exports and imports. It is a hard-rotten product with its resistance to wind as well as water resistance.

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