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Ration Feed

Ration is the name given to the amount of feed that meets the daily nutritional needs of animals. The ration is prepared with a single food or a mixture of different nutrients by calculating the nutritional values and the amount of energy that the animals should take within a 24-hour period. The ration feed, which is prepared in line with the natural eating habits of the animals, has all the nutritional values that the animal needs. It is prepared with certain proportions and percentages for healthy and balanced nutrition of animals.

Ration Feed

Ration feed is a type of feed prepared in accordance with the daily nutritional needs of farm animals and pets. The Ration feed must first of all have the features to ensure that the animal can be fed balanced and adequately. It should have content that increases productivity, especially in farm animals. In addition, ration feed cost calculations should be made and it should be ensured that it is affordable. Cost is an important function, especially for those who keep animals on large farms.

what is ration feed

What is Ration Feed?

Ration feed is a feed specially prepared as a result of clinical tests in a laboratory environment. As a result of the tests, feeds that meet the daily nutritional needs of the animal, increase the productivity of the animal and have economic characteristics are produced. Various feeds are produced for all kinds of animals by determining the ration values with separate tests for animals of all ages and races.

ration feed additive

Ration Feed Preparation

Before the ration feed preparation process, the necessary research, examination and clinical tests are carried out to determine the appropriate feed combination for each animal’s structure. The nutrients in the feed are planned to meet the biological and physiological needs of the animal as much as possible. It is aimed that the feed that supports the quality life of the animal increases the productivity as well as being affordable. With the formula prepared considering all criteria, the feed is produced at the desired values.

ration feed preparation

Ration Feed Additive

Although the rsayon is in values by meeting the daily nutritional needs of the animal, it may be necessary to use additives for various reasons. For example, it is necessary to use additives when the animal has a difficult time, such as illness or reproductive periods. Ration feed additives; feed additives, clinical supplements, yeasts, toxic binders, amino acids and other products.

Ration Feed Program

For which type of animal the Ration feed program will be prepared, first of all, the metabolic structure of the animal should be examined. The daily nutritional values of the animal are determined. For example, how much calcium or how much protein should it contain. The prepared feed must be sufficient and healthy for both the physiological and biological structure of the animal. In addition, the feed produced with the ration program should increase the productivity of the animal and be economical.

Ration Preparation Methods

Ration preparation methods have been developed by professionals to prepare the best ration feed. Trial and error method, pearson square method, algebraic method, linear and nonlinear programming techniques are ration preparation methods.

What Does Ration Mean?

What Does Ration Mean?

The word ration is a word that passed from French to Turkish. The explanation of the Turkish Language Association for the word ration is as follows; “It is the amount of feed that provides the nutritional values and energy an animal needs in a 24-hour period.”

Ration Budgerigar Food

Ration budgerigar feed is a feed that has the nutritional values and energy amount needed by budgies. It has vitamins, minerals and nutritional values in accordance with the bird’s natural eating habits. These are the feeds prepared with the measurements determined by clinical tests in a laboratory environment in order for the budgerigar to be fed balanced and healthy.

Ration Budgerigar Food

Ration Feed Budgerigar

Ration feed is the most ideal type of feed for budgies. It is produced to provide maximum benefit with values suitable for the physiological and biological development of the bird. Budgerigars fed with ration feed become healthier and more energetic. Their hair becomes brighter and livelier, more active and their immunity is stronger. She talks more and her bones become stronger.

Ration Parrot Food

Ration parrot food is special food prepared in accordance with the daily nutritional values ​​of parrot birds. In order for the parrot to be fed adequately and in a balanced way, the nutritional values ​​needed by clinical tests are calculated. Special mixtures are prepared so that the parrot can get these nutritional values at the maximum level.

Ration Lovebird Food

Ration Lovebird Food

Ration lovebird feed is the feed created by calculating the vitamin, mineral and nutritional values that lovebirds should take every day in accordance with their natural eating habits. It is produced by passing clinical tests so that the lovebird can be fed healthy and balanced.

Ration Cockatiel Feed

Ration Cockatiel Feed

Ration cockatiel feed is produced by calculating the nutritional values that the cockatiels should take within 24 hours in accordance with their biological and physiological structure. Sultan parrots fed with ration feed become healthy, energetic, talkative, productive birds, their feathers are lively and bright, their immunity and bones are strong. Ration feed is the healthiest type of feed for cockatiels.

Ration Paraket Feed

Ration Paraket Feed

Ration longline feed is a feed that provides maximum benefit with all the nutritional values that longline birds need. The feed prepared in the laboratory environment by clinical tests and making the necessary mathematical calculations ensures balanced and adequate nutrition of the long-distance birds. There are ration feeds of many brands. Since these feeds are prepared by making cost calculations, they are also quite affordable in price.

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