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Gökyüzü Honey Cracker

Gökyüzü honey cracker is a nutritional supplement that cage birds love to eat. Honey crackers, which have a rich content, are a food enjoyed by birds of all ages and all types. It is an ideal product to add variety to the feeding habits of birds.

Honey crackers, which they enjoy eating very much, are a source of happiness for birds. Gökyüzü honey cracker is not only a fun food for birds, but also nutritious with its vitamins and minerals. Honey crackers produced by pouring a honey mixture of various grains and seeds into molds are presented in their special packaging. It is a food that you can give to your bird as an additional food at any time with its packages that preserve its freshness for a long time.

Benefits of Gökyüzü Honey Crackers for Budgies

Gökyüzü Honey Cracker For Budgie

There are varieties of Gökyüzü honey crackers specially produced for each bird species. Honey crackers, which are formulated in accordance with the nutritional habits of budgerigars, are a complete supplementary food source for this bird species. Budgerigars are birds that get stressed quickly due to their sensitive nature and suffer from loss of appetite.

In such periods, the sky honey cracker will be a reward for them. The budgerigar, who does not want to eat, will love to eat the Gökyüzü honey cracker with its taste and smell. In the Gökyüzü honey cracker produced for lovebirds; Available in yellow, red, black and millet varieties, flaxseed, Niger seed, beef gelatin and honey. The content, which is presented as a stick, has very useful nutritional values as well as a delicious food for budgerigars.

Gökyüzü Honey Cracker For Budgie

What Does a Budgie Gökyüzü Honey Cracker Do?

Gökyüzü honey crackers are a highly nutritious supplement for budgies. It provides getting used to different tastes and food variety. When you hang the Gökyüzü honey cracker on the top of the cage, it makes eating fun and makes them happy.

In addition, it will increase the mobility of the bird as it will want to eat the particles spilled on the ground while eating the suspended cracker. It will also help you train your budgerigar by giving a Gökyüzü honey cracker as a reward. Since the vitamins and minerals in its content are enriched with honey, it gives energy to the budgerigar. This will enable them to pass periods such as shedding, estrus, reproduction and stress more easily and quickly.

What Does a Budgie Sky Honey Cracker Do?

Benefits of Gökyüzü Honey Crackers for Budgies

For budgies, Gökyüzü honey crackers offer many benefits. The most important benefit is that it prevents weakness during periods of loss of appetite. Since the honey formula will give energy to the budgerigar, when she does not want to eat, she will not become weak by taking the necessary vitamins and minerals with honey crackers.

Since cracker with Gökyüzü honey is a supplementary food, it would be appropriate to give it as supplementary food alongside bird food. Just feeding with crackers will not be enough. Budgie always want to eat them because the sky budgie honey crackers. However, since it can cause lubrication and weight problems, it is appropriate to give it 3-4 times a week. In addition to the food she eats constantly, she will create nutritional richness by giving it occasionally.

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