Animal Rights Regulation

The legal regulation on animal rights has come to an end. According to the draft AK Party is working on, animals that are seen as ‘goods’ in the Turkish Penal Code will now be defined as ‘life’. Thus, the ill-treatment and torture of animals will be deemed to have been done to the soul.

According to the news, the penalties will be re-determined and increased. ‘Preliminary complaints offices’ will be established under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the ill-treatment of animals.

Citizens will be able to complain to the offices that will serve within the provincial directorates of agriculture. According to the decision to be made here, it will be clear whether a judicial investigation will be opened against those who torture and ill-treat animals.

Authorization of Municipalities for Animal Rights and Penalties

Regarding animal shelters, municipalities are considered to be authorized. However, it is stated that municipalities cannot bear such a burden alone. For this, formulas are being worked on. Adopted animals will be chipped. Those who throw their owned animals on the street will be punished. Citizens who do not want to take care of owned animals will be able to leave the animal in the shelter.

The animals will be in their natural environment, those who want to buy will be able to learn about the animal on the internet.

The regulation about petshopswill be another title in the draft. Petshops will be moved to the virtual environment. The animals will be in their natural environment, and those who want to buy them will be able to learn about the animal on the internet. The sale will also be done online. According to the regulation in the draft, particular attention will be paid to the protection of the migration routes of birds. The AK Party is considering the gradual implementation of this law.


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