Things to Know in Animal Breeding

Animal husbandry has come to the fore again and gained importance as a result of natural nutrition, healthy meat consumption and the tendency to consume more efficient products for health.

Breeding animals is not as easy as it seems. There are many types of animals and therefore a wide range of products. First of all, you need to decide what kind of animal you want to raise and what product you want to get. It is important to have knowledge about raising animals together and to obtain products suitable for health with healthy animalsin appropriate environments.

Cattle Husbandry

Cattle farming is one of the livestock activities where you can earn the most. This branch of livestock, which is made for the purpose of raising cattle and buffalo, also requires a lot of attention and effort. State incentives for cattle breeding are also high.

Small Livestock Breeding

Options for raising small cattle are sheep and goats. First of all, you need to decide which meat or milk you want to obtain and direct to the appropriate animal. It can be obtained in fur from small cattle.


Beekeeping is a common type of animal husbandry in many regions of our country. The aim here is to combine healthy bees and honey to obtain the healthiest honey as soon as possible. It should be done by selecting and directing healthy bees and healthy honey by experts.

poultry farming

Chicken breeding is of two types, broiler chickens and ovarian chickens. Chicken farming is very important in the white meat field. It is a good source of income if done correctly and emphasized and developed.

Cultivating Aquaculture

Fish farming is done in the form of trout production in fresh waters in our country and sea fish production in the seas around us. Fish species such as sea bass, anchovy and sea bream are frequently grown in the seas of our country.

The most important point in the cultivation of aquaculture, which has the most important place in our nutrition, is the cultivation of healthy products in healthy waters and conditions.

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