Why Do Animals Vomit?

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First of all, if your animal friend is constantly vomiting and does not respond to the treatment methods you try at home, you should definitely get support from a veterinarian.

Causes of vomiting

There may be many reasons among the causes of vomiting in animals. These include swallowing a foreign body, eating spoiled food or meat, poisoning, viruses, parasites, bacteria, stomach ulcers and heartburn, a recent surgery, sadness and stress, etc. can be attributed to reasons such as

Why Do Dogs Vomit?

General Characteristics and Various Causes of Vomiting

The nature of the vomit can give us a clue. In this way, by having a preliminary knowledge about the types of vomiting, you can give the necessary information to your veterinarian and allow your creature to recover more quickly. The animal or animals you feed may have a chronic disease. The symptoms of this disease may appear as constant vomiting. In addition, in addition to chronic vomiting, if there is no known disease in the creature, it may also vomit acutely or intermittently.

cat vomiting

Acute vomiting: Poisoning is a vomiting event caused by eating harmful pests or grass in the garden, eating food without swallowing it, or contracting an infection.

Intermittent vomiting: Metabolic or hormonal diseases in particular; food allergies, ulcers and tumors can also be among the effective factors in Decaying vomiting of your creature.

Chronic vomiting: As a result of intestinal diseases or intestinal obstruction, chronic vomiting can be triggered along with kidney and liver failure.

why do cats vomit?

What Are the Treatment Methods?

Your December and little vomiting creature can usually be cured in a home environment. For this, first of all, you need to make your home sterile, then check whether the day of the food that your creature eats has passed, whether it has allergies or whether it has swallowed it without chewing. If your creature is allergic to any substance contained in the food it eats, the food should be changed. If the sand is not sterile, December should be renewed and checked periodically. In addition, if the habit of swallowing food without chewing has been formed, it should be given for a while with softer foods or by crushing the food.

But if there is a more serious health problem and he is constantly vomiting, he should be immediately taken to a specialist veterinarian. The structure of the vomit, the tests that will be performed and your good follow-up of the creature at this stage are very important in terms of its recovery. You also need to help the veterinarian with this.

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