Eclectus Parrot Care

Eclectus Parrot Care

Eclectus(Eklectus) Parrot Pet Care

Before you decide to buy an Eclectus parrot, the first thing you should do is get advice from experienced people who are experts in this field and knowledgeable about this parrot species (provided that it has been looked after, fed and housed).

Compared to other parrot species, Eclectus parrots are an excellent species that has the capacity to be lovely pets.

If you are going to look after them, the most important issue to be considered is the area inside the cage. Because these parrots, which have a wide wing opening distance, will need a cage that is wide enough to be comfortable, or more precisely, a raft. If they are to be kept inside the cage outside of the keel, and there is no other option, it should be ensured that they spend a certain amount of time outside the cage during the day and have an area to fly (out of the cage) to move around.

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Eclectus (Eklectus) Parrots are generally calm in character and their voices are not disturbing when compared to other large species. However, they can shout very loudly at any time, especially at dinner time. For this reason, if you are going to buy Eclectus, you should be careful that you have neighbors who will not cause problems with these sounds. They are parrots that like to climb rather than fly and have less gnawing instincts compared to other species. Even if the urge to gnaw is little, they will definitely need fresh gnawing branches every day.

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Eclectus Parrot Speech

The Eclectus Parrot is a curious and inquisitive species in terms of its general structure. They are concerned and attentive to what is going on around them. They are very active and friendly. When they are thought about and trained properly, if they are old enough to receive this training, they are very good talking species. If you want to teach them to speak, you should spend regular time with them, be patient and take care of their health.

In addition to their ability to learn to speak, they also have the ability to imitate the sounds they hear frequently in a short time. If asked (if taught) in their training, they are in a structure to learn many commands and apply them easily when repeated. You need to know that if you keep Eclectus in a tight space, they will be extremely unhappy. More pairs or several pairs are healthier and more active if they are kept together in a large keel. Taken from production, they are generally grown by hand. While they are more inclined to get used to education and people, they were caught illegally. It is natural to experience certain problems. They usually have a very difficult time to get used to. Eclecti have a structure that does not like the change of their habits, changes in their regions, even the change of the food they are used to, and cannot easily adapt to the new situation.

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Eclectus Parrot Care

Eclectus Parrot, classic parrot food (ready-to-use mixed food) can of course be given, but its rate should be lower in eclectus compared to any other species.

Eclectus Parrots love to take a bath and get wet in the rain (or spray). While the males of this species are calmer, the females are aggressive, especially during mating and incubation periods.

Since they are heat sensitive species, the temperature level in their environment must be above 15 degrees. Especially in the winter months, if they are kept in the keel, they should be housed in environments that can be heated and prepared with a well-insulated system.

It is healthy to have this type of large keels (inner keel size is approximately 5 m long and 1 m wide) with inner and outer compartments and will be used on both sides during the day, as their movement needs are high.

eclectus parrot care

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A problem reported by many breeders or pet owners in Eclectus is their tendency to pluck. Despite the researches, there are hair pulling tendencies which are not fully explained and are thought to be mostly psychological. Although they remain faithful to their spouses during their lifetime with only one spouse, sometimes it may be necessary to separate the spouses. Hair plucking is a problem that can be seen even in spouses who have lived together for many years and even had offspring. In an instant, male or female bird feathers can begin to pluck, pluck and throw. The only issue that is estimated as the reason is; It is the stress caused by the long-term coexistence of spouses in a narrow space. According to the comments from most caregivers, separating the spouses and reuniting them with other spouses (especially those they may choose) and changing the environment they are in have been the solution to the hair pulling problem.

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In their diet, weight should be given to germinated seeds, legumes (boiled), vegetables and fruits. The ratio of betacarotin and vegetable albumin in their feed should be adjusted to be high. Since their diet is not based on seeds in their natural environment, feeding them with classical, commercially available parrot mixes will have sad results. Compared to many other parrot species, the digestive tract of Eclectus is longer (the digestive system is processed later.) The crops (Proventriculus) are wider and longer in the vein attached to it. Therefore, fat intake should be limited. Because, in a seed-based diet with a high oil rate, they are prone to lubrication and the formation of oil glands (oil tumors) due to their structure. It is not right to completely ban foods high in fat. Because at this time, they cannot benefit from fat-soluble vitamins A, E and D.

In addition to these, various plants that will be collected or taken from the natural environment (not sprayed and not on the roadside) have an important place in their nutrition in herbaceous plants. It is also useful to give them.

As long as their nutrition is taken care of, they are very durable and do not get sick easily.

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