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Wild Parrot Colonies

Wild Living Parrot Colonies

Almost 3 dozen different parrot species are in danger of extinction as a result of the developing world (interventions in their habitats and their shrinking every day), especially in South America.

Dracula Parrot

Accordingly, the protection of these parrot species, which still live in the wild, has become a priority, especially in the USA and many developed countries in the world. Otherwise, these species will become extinct.

Dracula Parrot

Wild parrot colonies have begun to proliferate in many frontier and urban areas of present-day America. In this way, for example, despite the lack of green space in San Francisco and Brooklyn, large herds continue to live. In fact, it is said that flocks of wild parrots have started to be seen more frequently in Western European cities. The flocks mentioned here are not thought to be related to pet parrots. Estimates are that these are the generation of parrots that got rid of cross-country shipments or pet stores and reunited.

Wild Parrot Training

Wild Parrots

Parrots are known as creatures that adapt to their abilities and their environment in a short time. For this reason, parrots in North America and other states have managed to survive in changing cold climatic conditions. It is not strange to see groups of parrots perched on masts, which are covered with thick snow in the northeastern regions in winter. In these states where they live, although the climatic conditions are not suitable for their natural life, it is very easy to find shelters and food there. In this way, they live comfortably. When the parrots started to get used to these regions, they were able to carry out their breeding activities in a short time. Developing new generations, although they were born in the city, should be considered as Dracula parrots since they show similar characteristics with those in natural life in terms of general behavior patterns. Wildlife conservation researchers consider the successful adaptation of parrots in northern cities as a positive development for the future, even though there are great losses in natural forests.

Wild Parrot Prices

According to the statement made by the employees of the “City Parrots” organization, which is responsible for ensuring the continuation of the parrots that develop the wildlife in the cities; that way, their life is healthier than if they are housed indoors. If they had been in captivity and protection, they would not have been able to transfer their genetic characteristics to the next generations, especially their easy adaptation to social life, their survival strategies and their social aspects.

How to Catch a Wild Parrot

Wild-Living Parrot Species

For example, while more than a quarter of the current number of green-cheeked amazons (amazona viridigenalis) are able to survive in and around California’s intermediate cities, their populations in the natural habitat are dwindling.

Wild Parrot Capture

About this topic; In 2016, a movie was also made, in which the lead actor portrays a homeless musician tending to a flock of parrots living in San Francisco.

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