What is a mutation?

Mutation word meaning; known as change. In small parrots, you hear the word mutation a lot, especially in the digital environment, you can hear it as mutation budgies, mutation cockatiels, parrots of paradise and love. The main reason for the variation in these parrot species is derived from birds that do not match with the same genus. The main colors of budgerigars are yellow-green tones. In cockatiels, the colors consisting of a combination of black, gray and yellow colors are the original sultan’s colors. Sevda and lovebirds, on the other hand, are in shades of green and it is sometimes difficult to find the originals in today’s conditions. We see many kinds of birds in various colors under the name of mutation.

Mutation Examples

The word mutation comes from French, and its meaning has been adapted to Turkish today. Mutation birds, generally as birds whose origins have been changed, have many species that are no different from their original colors today. For example, while the original colors of budgerigars have green and yellow tones in their origin, we also see different colors such as blue and white in mutation budgies. You can see colorful birds in Pet Shop stores.

Diseases Caused by Mutation

Today, we can see many budgerigarbreeds. You can find budgerigar mutations and breeds in almost every geography. There are also variations between species according to their physical structures. There are jumbo budgies, there are also Show jumbo budgies. Of course, mutations aren’t just for budgies, but most parakeets have mutations. The distinction is so little that it is no longer possible under these conditions, because mutation is observed as a different perspective of people, especially conscious breeders and breeders, against birds. Apart from observation, there is no other reason that you can understand whether a bird species is male or female, other than slight differences in body structures.

Mutation Causes

In budgerigars, you can also find other sub-branches such as Dutch, English, Czech, Native. There are mutations within these species as well.

lovebird mutation

Budgie Mutations

Mutation Alexander Parrot

mutation Alexander parrot

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