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Budgie Food Preparation

For a normal budgie food, bulgur, vegetables (carrots, red cabbage, white radish) are sufficient. It is the simplest and most nutritious type of food. You can multiply these types of food. You can also make the same mixtures with baby biscuits. We refer to each one of them one by one in the questions and answers below.

Hello, today we wanted to give you some information about food preparation. I would like to give you a list of the most frequently asked questions.

Question 1 :
How should the recipe for budgie food be?

Answer : I know you think it will be very thought-provoking and troublesome for those who will do this job for the first time, but it is a very effective thing for your birds to have a better life and to help them use additional food sources during their breeding season. You cause the male bird to carry the food easily to the mother. Crushing the shellfish and transporting them to the mother will be a very difficult process. As with every human, birds have a character, and not every bird can do the process of breaking the bait and carrying it to the mother. Nervousness and stress are the worst enemies of our birds. In large parrots, this stress can lead to molting and diseases, while stress can directly lead to death in budgies. If we talk about the food recipe, in the simplest way, we can make a nutritious food by making a mixture of 3 cups of meatballs with carrot, red cabbage and radish. If you want to make a more detailed food, a mixture of bulgur, carrot (especially useful in frying), red cabbage and turo will be sufficient for this. With this mixture, we add less than half a glass of water and mix for 2 minutes, and after waiting for a while, it will be ready to serve.

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Question 2 :
How should the Budgerigar food bowl be?

Answer: It is one of the questions asked by people who care about lovebirds and know that their lives are valuable. If you have a couple of birds, you can give them in normal shell feeders, but if you are a hobby with 2 birds or more, you can put them with a wide plate mouth, I am telling you for 10 birds. In small narrow-mouthed containers, your birds may get angry with each other for food, and big fights may occur.

Budgie Manual Puppy Feeding Syringe

Budgie Manual Puppy Feeding Syringe

Question 3:

How should I get an oral feeding syringe and where can I get it?

Answer : You can easily buy the mouth syringe at petshops or online, from portals such as n11. Powermax food brand also has a syringe set for itself. You can also take a look at them.

Question 4 :

What food brand would you recommend for my budgie?

Answer : I can safely say that you can trust only one place on this subject. Your birds will love this brand. You can give it in pure form, no problem. We strongly recommend the Powermax foodbrand.

Question 5 :

Powermax Food Preparation
How often is food given to budgies? When is it given?

Answer: Our feeding frequency varies according to the metabolic status of our birds and we give them as a group. We give food to one group once a week and prepare food to the other group twice a week. we plan metabolism and digestion conditions according to defecation times and condition.

Question 6 :

What does lovebirds food do?

Answer: It is important to supplement the food of our birds. Because millet varieties found in shell feeds cause lubrication. In order to prevent this, our birds are opposed to lubrication and unnecessary weight by supplementing with food once or twice a week. Another reason is additional nutritional supplements before and after the puppies. In order for the birds to feed their young well, they are given before because they have healthier eggs.

Question 7:
How to prepare budgie food and what is the best food recipe?

Answer : I will offer you the best mix in formula, but you should know that you are definitely doing research on the internet. Among these types of food, we are against formula mixtures that use baby biscuits. Instead of Bebe biscuits, we recommend bulgur. For this, I will share with you the image, the biggest example of which was shared on our page recently, and the comment of the person who shared it is also included in the image. As we mentioned in the picture on the right, 12 birds of this friend have died and 6 pairs have disappeared. She also stated the reason for this. It is useful to be careful so that such cases do not happen to you. We can’t say that baby biscuit killed it, it’s not definitive proof, but we haven’t used it until now, and we won’t use it from now on. We have suggested to you above. 4. and You can trust the brand of food we mentioned in question 5.

After giving this preliminary information, I can move on to giving you a real effective and nutritious food recipe.

Handmade real food recipe, first of all, we have bulgur in our hands. In addition, we grate a tablespoon of carrots, grate bulgur carrots with 4 tea glasses, grate red cabbage and white radish, in addition to these, we add boiled egg yolk, white and egg shells into powder and add them to our plate with a very little water supplement for 10 to 15 minutes. Stir for a minute, stirring occasionally. It is useful to know that egg shells have great benefits in bone and muscle development. In addition, by adding a drop or two of apple cider vinegar to the water in the drinks, we help them to clean the parasites inside the birds. This mixture of eggs and other

Question 8 :
What are the benefits of Budgerigar food?

Reply :

  • Provides healthy egg delivery before egg
  • It ensures the growth of healthy offspring after the egg.
  • In normal times, it is effective against the lubrication of your birds.

Question 9 :
What should be used in budgerigar food supplement? What are you using?

Answer:We take dry food as a food supplement. We take Powermax Food and diversify it with additional carrots, red cabbage and radishes to make it more appealing and serve it to our birds. Most of the things we look for in the Powermax food are together, so we don’t need to do much.

Question 10 :
What is the best budgie food?

Answer : The questions are chasing each other, but we have only one suggestion. We suggest you to use the handcrafted Powermax formula of my Turkish local oil, Behzat Tigiz. We have received a lot of user comments, very good comments are coming.

Question 11 :
Simple egg food recipe for budgies?

Answer : In question 8, we have shown you what happened to the birds of a friend of ours who received a simple egg recipe. In order to prevent this, you can mix bulgur with meatballs and egg white and yolk, mix them and serve them to your birds.

Question 12 :
What are the prices of budgerigar food?

Answer : The average weight price varies between $20 and $25 The foods that you will cost at a reasonable price can sometimes harm you instead of benefiting you, please be careful about this.

Question 13 :
What does budgerigar egg food do?

Answer : Egg food is very important before and after the egg in the development of bones and muscles in budgerigars. It is impossible to provide you with precise information on this subject, but some issues involving micro biological currents also contribute to the development of egg shell and egg white very effectively.

Baby Parakeet Hand Feeding
Question 14 :
How should baby budgerigar hand-feed food be?

Answer : You can use baby biscuits here when preparing food to feed the baby budgerigar by hand, because the tissues of the fry are very soft and water-like during this period. Bulgur grains can cause death. Therefore, 1 baby biscuit is softened and liquefied very slightly. Then, it is supplemented with a syringe in liquid form by making additional nutrition with a very little semolina.

Question 15 :
The budgerigar is not eating food, what should I do?

Answer : We hear such questions from friends who supplement with formula in the first feedings. It is necessary to keep the moisture rate well in the food supplement, the water we add into the food and the water of the other supplements we add affect this. We also have in our experience that runny food is not eaten by birds. You can find detailed information on this subject by searching our website.

Question 16 :
How should I feed the baby budgie?

Answer : If you have prepared the food I explained in Question 15, now it is time to give the food to the little baby. In this regard, we recommend that you be aware that your hand will be in contact with something very delicate and soft. First of all, let’s say that the liquid food we will give to the syringe will be very little, then you will see that the baby food accumulates in the crop by taking the little baby in our hands and touching it from the mouth part to the mouth-beak part of the syringe, very, very slowly. Please be careful that the crop is not too full.

Question 17 :
Can you give a recipe for budgerigar warming food?

Answer : If you want to heat your budgerigar, then do not think about buying the frying husk seeds sold in pet shops because we have always used food supplements for our carrot birds as a blessing that the Almighty Creator has given us.

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