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Deli Nature Probiotic

Deli Nature Probiotic was developed by veterinarians. Scientists, medical doctors and experts in many fields have conducted studies. Expert breeders have developed a study for the regulation of the intestines. Deli nature probiotic helps a bird recover quickly. The timing of drug combinations should be considered in order to keep the gut at a healthy flora level. If there is a bird that can be fed at home, probiotic application should be done sensitively. Birds’ biological systems work differently from humans. As long as the deli nature probiotic is not neglected, positive results will occur. Nutritious probiotics instantly convert to prebiotics to protect birds from disease.

Kuşların Bağırsak Sistemlerinin İyileşmesi

Deli Nature Probioticspreads from the moment it enters the body. The probiotic, which is healthy for birds, is sold at an affordable price range. Threonine and butyric acids structure the intestinal walls of the bird and then healing occurs. Because threonine contains amino acids. It can be used with comfort, especially in the diet of the bird. Deli nature is a leading brand in terms of health with its probiotic moss mixtures. Mos mixture such as mannan oligosaccharide ensures long-term removal of harmful ingredients from the intestinal tract. Butyric acids in the intestines of birds help keep the intestine energetic. Deli nature helps probioticbuttric acids to be beneficial for intestinal pain.

Deli Nature Breed

How to Use Deli Nature Probiotic?

A 1 gram scale is suitable for 150 gram moistened egg food. It is sufficient to use 1 gram of 100 grams of hand-feeding food. Veterinarians argue that a healthy diet is possible with Deli Nature Probiotic. It is a rich supplement with vitamin E content. Since deli nature is an essential mixture, it reaches the crop part of the bird with the help of food. High levels of building blocks are formed in the mucus. It acts as a shield in the feeding of the bird. Its active and auxiliary substances increase the bird’s quality of life. Deli nature can be used reliably in birds thanks to its functional feature.

Healthy Growing Birds with Deli Nature

It consists of suitable ingredients for all bird species. With its high energy source, birds are provided with an active life. It contains; fats, amino acids and protein values. A well-developed bird gets all the nutrients it needs. It does not harm the body health of the bird in any way. It facilitates the digestion of nutrients in the bird’s metabolic system. It supports the distribution of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. In this way, it ensures the prevention of possible diseases. Organic acid makes it a sure result that newborn birds stay healthy.

Deli Nature Flora

Effective Preparation of Deli Nature

Deli nature should not be mixed with cold water. In any case, the mixture should be carried out with the help of hot water. If tap water will be added to the food, it must be boiled over high heat in order to break up the microbes. In this way, disease-causing bacteria disappear from the water. It is more advantageous to use drinking water instead of tap water. Drinking water can be added to the food warmly. Mix water and food in a bowl, making them mush. Then the porridge is rested for 6 minutes. Porridge 30-40. When it reaches the centigrade range, it may be necessary to mix the lower part with water again. Deli nature probiotic becomes ready for use in this way.

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