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Mavi Yeşil Extra Budgie Food

Mavi Yeşil Extra budgie feed is a bird feed blended with carefully selected first quality raw materials so that budgerigars can have a balanced and healthy diet. It is formulated in accordance with the nutritional habits of budgerigars. The grains and seeds in its content are selected fresh and cleaned from all dust and bacteria in state-of-the-art facilities and packaged untouched.
The feed, which has very healthy nutritional values for budgerigars, will provide adequate and balanced nutrition for the bird. It has a taste and smell that budgies love to eat. Mavi Yeşil Extra budgie feed contains; Safflower, yellow millet, flaxseed, red millet, seasonal Niger seed, white millet and bird biscuit are available.

These nutrients are formulated and mixed in certain proportions in accordance with the nutrition of the budgerigar. Necessary and sufficient vitamins, minerals and elements as components are fully presented in the feed. The feed, which will meet the daily nutritional needs of budgerigars, should be given with fresh water in feeders that are renewed every day.

Mavi Yeşil Berra

Mavi Yeşil Berra series budgie feed is a quality feed type that provides the best nutrition for the bird. It has all the nutritional values, vitamins and minerals that budgies need. Budgerigars fed with Mavi Yeşil Berra become more energetic and healthy. Birds whose feathers are more lively and shiny begin to speak better.
The bird, whose immune system is strengthened, does not catch diseases. Problems such as indigestion and vomiting do not occur. The feed is easily digestible with its special content. It is a delicious bird food that budgies love to eat. Mavi Yeşil Berra is under oath; yellow, white and red millet varieties, Niger seed, canary seed (seed), flaxseed and bird biscuit. The raw material in its content is of first quality and is carefully selected and blended.

Raw materials combined with certain proportions ensure that budgerigars receive sufficient vitamins, minerals and nutritional values. It is a complete feed formulated for daily feeding by considering the nutritional habits of budgerigars. Mavi Yeşil Berra is also offered with very reasonable prices.

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