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eclectus parrot price

Parrot is one of the most preferred bird species by people who live alone at home and have a little interest in birds. The parrot is available in many petshops on the market. Eclectus parrot prices are offered for sale at very affordable prices. If you want to have a sound in your homes, you can buy a parrot. The price of Eclectus Parrot can vary between $200 and $1,000.

What Are the Characteristics of Eclectus Parrots?

Eclectus Parrot is one of the most loved and preferred species. Among the most important features of this parrot species, it is famous for its imitation skills rather than its speaking ability. Found almost all over the world with its mimicry abilities, this parrot is literally the joy of the house. The most important known features are as follows;

  • Eclectus Parrots are known as birds that can live in pairs. Male parrots can talk when left alone. However, the most important point that should not be missed is that they also live as a couple in nature.
  • When you put the Eclectus Parrot in a cage alone, it can get stressed after a certain period of time and cause bigger problems. The most common point they encounter when they are stressed is pulling their hair. These parrots should never be left alone in the cage.
  • Eclectus Parrots generally have a life span of 15 to 20 years.
  • As it is more prone to domestication, it soon gets used to you and starts talking. Talks about 3 months later.
  • They are quite calm as they love to play games.
  • She can easily tell you what she wants with her movements.

What Color Is an Eclectus Parrot?

Eclectus Parrots have spots on their cheeks. These spots are generally orange in color and exhibit a very sweet appearance. It has four primary colors. Among these colors, there are various colors such as grey, pearl, lutino, pied. Whatever color you want to buy, you can easily get that color. In terms of eclectus parrot prices, it fits the budget of everyone who wants to keep a bird species in the house. If you want to add joy to your home and spend your days in a different way, it is recommended that you buy a parrot in your home.

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