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Dwarf Macaws are about 30-35 cm tall and weigh 150 g. The South American continent is their habitat. It is a complete tropical forest creature. They live in high altitudes. They are extremely showy and colorful parrots. Their life span is at least 30 years. While it can live up to 40-50 years in domestic environments, it can be up to 70 years in natural environment. The feathers on the head are turquoise. It generally varies with greenish yellowish tones. Their feet and beaks are dark gray.

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Dwarf Macaw Nutrition Patterns

Dwarf Macaws are a vegetarian type of diet. She especially likes the berries and fruits of palm trees. They consume blackberries, fruits and plants. Green plants, carrots, plums, apples, rose hips are her favorite foods. They lick mud and clay for the mineral needs of their bodies. Dwarf Macaws are very intelligent. It is very easy to adapt to people. They are skilled in speech and imitation.

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It is incredibly loyal to its owner. Dwarf macaw for sale is also high cost with these features. If she receives a good education, she has an intelligence structure that can perform many tests or activities. They need large areas because they are very mobile. There is a possibility of injuring themselves if they stay in tight spaces. They are monogamous. Generally, November is the incubation period. They can lay at least 2 and at most 4 eggs at once.

dwarf macaw for sale

Dwarf Macaw Domestication Times

Dwarf Macaws are initially timid and irritable. However, it is one of the species that can get used to the environment in a short time. They are also very friendly after their domestication is complete. They love to wash. They should not be indifferent, otherwise they will lose their balance due to unhappiness and go to self-harm. Their voices are extremely loud and they have a gnawing instinct. For this reason, fresh branches should be placed constantly.

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They need a large cage, they want an area to play. They should be released for 3-4 hours during the day outside the cage. Dwarf Macaws are very powerful, with an incredibly high pitched voice. They are very fun. A constant supply of toys is required for this bird species. Dwarf macaws for sale vary according to their domestication category.

Dwarf Macaw Characteristics

It is very difficult to distinguish between males and females in dwarf macaws. The immature ones can be distinguished by their head feathers, which are usually not bluish in color. This can also be understood by the beak colors. If the head is large, it is male, if it is small, it is female. The dwarf macaw may be in a range for sale as juveniles and adults. It can start from $500 and go up to $2.000.

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