Parrot Training

Parrot Trainings

Parrots, one of the most commonly fed animals at home, have been friends with people for many years and add joy to their environment with their fun behaviors. However, it is a challenging situation for parrots to get used to and trained when they are first taken. Especially if it is the first parrot experience of individuals and they do not know what to do, it will be very difficult to train parrots. One of the most basic training of parrotsis speech training. Although parrots are famous for their speech, the parrot species that can talk are quite limited. In order to reveal this ability in talking parrot species, it is necessary to give certain trainings. While providing these trainings, either professional help should be sought from people who have knowledge on this subject or quality training sets prepared for this purpose should be used.

How to Train a Lovebird?

How to Train Parrot?

Parrots, when trained with the right approach, can have many talents in a short time or they can improve their existing ones. Being gentle is of paramount importance in parrot training. Especially in the first periods when the parrot is not accustomed to its home environment and its owner, behaving rudely and handling behaviors may cause it to be frightened and indifferent to training. Another important issue for the training of parrots is the cage. Parrots do not like living in cages and especially not being confined. It is almost impossible to train a parrot this way. Instead, wooden perches or different products should be used. Wood is necessary for the parrot to feel itself in its natural environment. In addition, the environment of the parrot can be enriched with accessories and toys that will evoke nature.

Parrot Training

How Does Parrot Training Happen?

There should be no distance between the parrot and the trainer. Trying to train by staying away from the parrot will cause the parrot to feel insecure and not respond to training. Therefore, the animal should be kept in hand or at a close distance. However, parrots do not like to be constantly held. This should only be done during the training period. When the parrot is handled, it is not the right behavior to immediately start training and put pressure on it. Waiting for her to relax and feel ready is the thing to do. In cases where it is not accustomed, it is a situation that the parrot may bite during training. However, this situation should not be reacted harshly and the parrot should not be frightened.

Cockatiel Training

Cockatiel Parrot Trainings

The cockatiel, which is one of the most preferred parrot species by those who keep parrots, is advantageous because it is easy to get used to houses and close to people. In addition, cockatielparrots have a good degree in terms of their tendency to education. The training process can sometimes be boring for parrots. Making education fun and using toys is a good method in this regard. The parrot can also be motivated by rewarding after each training. Parrots love to take a bath. Taking a bath with toys or taking the parrot out for a walk after the training allows the parrot to see training as a rewarding endeavor.

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