Parrot Cage Cleaning

Parrots, also known as parrots, are one of the cage animals that require good care. It should be kept as clean as possible and protected from diseases. Feeding a bird is a serious job, responsibility and effort is required. Cleaning comes first. Inside the cages, there are parts that require meticulousness such as nests and water bowls. Since this type of cage items can stay moist, bacteria and microbes can grow in it quickly. Especially if the cage material is wood, microbes can accumulate for a long time. In general, the cages are cleaned with bleach and dried. Drinkers or nests are kept in the water with bleach. The materials should not be put back into the cage before they are completely dry.

If the bird cage is left without cleaning for a long time, it is also harmful to the health of the birds. Especially since parrots are sensitive animals, weekly cleaning should be done without interruption. Sometimes there may be an odor from the cage, it is because it is dirty. If more than one parrot is feeding, infectious diseases can occur. One of the most curious subjects is how to clean the cage.

Parrot Cage Cleaning

How to Clean Parrot Cage?

Before the parrot’s cage is cleaned, the parrot should be placed in a safe place and the cleaning process should be started. The bird family consists of animals that get stressed quickly. In order not to be afraid, the cleaning order should be well established. Parrots become restless if the cage is not clean and their owner will be unhappy. Or if she wants to get out of the cage and exhibits nervous movements, the cage being dirty may be the cause. For bird keepers, part of the house is reserved for the cage. In order for the house to be hygienic, it is necessary to be as careful as possible. Those who wish can do the cleaning on a daily basis.

Cage Cleaning Importance

How to Do Daily Cage Cleaning?

Daily cage cleaning is simpler than weekly cleaning. First of all, it is recommended to use gloves for personal hygiene. Those who wish can use a mask during cleaning. First, the floor of the cage should be cleaned, then the paper used should be changed. Changing the paper frequently is very important. It prevents the formation of odor. Then the water bowl and the manger should be washed with detergent and plenty of water. Parrot accessories should be wiped and dried one by one. If you have difficulty in cleaning the dirt, there are cleaning products specially produced for these jobs. The ideal temperature for birds is always important. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the remaining wetness.

Non-galvanized, chemically painted cages will harm the parrot. Their beaks, which they use as their hands, will hold on to the wires while walking around the cage, and the wires will wear out and harm the parrot.

How to Do Weekly Cage Cleaning?

Weekly parrot cage cleaning demands more detail. While doing the weekly cage cleaning, the following points should be considered;

  • The bottom of the cage should be cleaned with a cloth and a cleaner. If kept directly under water, it should be dried with a dry cloth.
  • The grids in the cages should be carefully wiped.
  • Perches are the favorite areas of birds. Sometimes the most rural areas are found here. It is suitable to be cleaned on a weekly basis.
  • Toys or places that contain the most bacteria. It is important for the cleanliness of the cage and the health of the bird.
  • If disinfectant is used, the parrot should be placed in the cage after the room has been cleaned for a few hours.
  • Birds are sensitive to perfumes and scents. Perfume-free cleaners should be avoided whenever possible.
Budgie Cage

Budgie Cage

The bathing interval of parrots and caged birds in general should be no more than once every 15 days. Seasonal conditions are also important for the bird not to get sick. Sometimes it can take up to 1 month. If the bird is restless and is cleaning with its beak, it is time to wash it. Too much bathing should be avoided. The water should not be cold. After the parrot is bathed, it must be kept in a warm environment. Parrots’ own cleaning is as important as cage cleaning. Bird keepers should pay attention to these issues and not disrupt the cleaning in order to avoid problems. Feeding a parrot is a challenging as well as fun process. Cleaning is one of them.

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