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The parrot is a very intelligent and social bird, and they can get very bored if we put them in a cage. We can say that parrots, which are talkative creatures, are among the creatures that interact most with humans. Therefore, we should not confine parrots to cages, but provide them with fun areas to play. The more attention we show to our parrot, the closer we prepare a parrotroost-style playground to our parrot, the closer the room will feel to us and be friendly, and perhaps repeat what we have said.

Parrot Perches

Parrot Vital Features

Parrots are one of the most beautiful companions. Parrots are bird species with curved beaks, fleshy and thick tongues, bright feathers, living in warm places, forming the parrots (Psittaciformes). Only the female is incubated, but both sexes take care of the brood. It can be clearly seen that this intelligent animal is more suitable for training and enjoyable to train than many other animal species.

Parrot Perch Types

Characteristics of Parrots

Papağanlar kuş türleri içinde beyni en gelişmiş olan kuştur ve bu özelliklerinden ötürü duydukları sesi kolayca taklit edebilirler ve hafızalarına kaydederler. Preparing parrot roost-style areas for them will make them happy and increase their vital energy. Parrots, which are very attractive in appearance, are very striking birds with their colorful feathers and imposing bodies. Parrots, which are very preferred because of these features, have been kept as pets for thousands of years, there are many varieties of parrots. African Gray Parrot: Also known as Jako, African gray parrot is the most common domesticated species.

Your parrot’s cage should be located in your home or workplace where you spend most of your time. Your parrot’s cage should not be placed in an area exposed to direct sun or wind. To adapt to the environment, you can go and chat with it often and try to prepare a parrot rooststyle playground for your parrot.

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Feeding the Parrot

The biggest mistake we make when feeding parrots is feeding them seeds throughout their lives. But if we want our parrot to live a long life, we must take advantage of the vitamins, vegetables, fruits and grains that nature offers to animals and us.

The feeding habits of parrots vary according to their species. Parrots are divided into two groups according to their nutritional habits, the first group is fed mainly on seeds and seeds, while the second group is fed mainly on fruits and vegetables.

While feeding parrots, we must be very careful about feeding because they can be very affected by some foods because these substances are recognized as toxins in the body and can even cause the death of the parrot. Avocado, caffeine, tobacco, milk, chocolate, cherry and peach seeds, mushrooms and onions are foods that should never be given to parrots.

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Choosing the Right Parrot Species

If you choose the right parrot species and prepare parrot roost-style areas, you can easily train and care for it compared to other species. Otherwise, you may have to spend more time and effort than necessary to really get your parrot to talk. When you create the right environment for your parrot and choose the right parrot species, your happiness will increase in parallel.

Parrotsare among the most intelligent birds, along with ravens, crows, jays, and magpies, and the ability of some species to mimic human speech adds to their popularity as pets. The trapping of wild parrots for the pet trade, as well as hunting, habitat loss, and competition from invasive species have reduced feral populations, and parrots have been subject to more exploitation than other bird groups. Measures taken to protect the habitats of some high-profile charismatic species have also preserved most of the less charismatic species living.

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Parrots Talk

If you want your parrot to repeat something, you can go to your bird 2-3 times during the day without interruption and repeat the word you want to teach, so that your bird can remember and repeat the words you say slowly. In addition, the parrotwill constantly play with you in the roost-style areas you have prepared and will usually respond to you from the areas that it likes.

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