He Came To The Exam With His Parrot For Luck

Lema Yali, who was quarantined due to her mother who was treated for coronavirus in the Çaldıran district of Van, took the Higher Education Institutions (YKS) exam upon special measures.

YKS, where thousands of students dreaming of university attended the first session, started at 10:15. In 81 provinces where the curfew is imposed so that students do not experience transportation and health problems, students made their way to the school where they will take the exam from the morning.

Students who will take the exam at Ege University Engineering Faculty in İzmir, together with their parents, gathered in front of the school building.

Aleyna Üzer, who came to YKS with her parents, as well as her parrot named ‘Pasha’, which she has kept for 7 years, made her smile. Üzer stated that she was very attached to her best friend in the ‘African Gray Parrot‘ breed and that she came with her to the exam to bring luck.

Üzer, who tied a chain on Pasha’s feet so that he would not escape in a crowded environment, said: “I am excited, Pasha, I hope it brings me luck. I have been feeding him for 7 years. We are very attached to each other. I hope I believe I will win the exam.”

Source: sputniknews

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