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The Macaw Parrot is a bird species that is often preferred by people who want to keep animals at home. Especially people who live alone at home find it logical to buy Macaw Parrots to chat. Macaw Parrot Prices vary between $13.000 and $25.000 for puppies. Factors such as the animal’s fattening condition, age and appearance cause the price range to be so open. So, buying a cute parrot on a budget is the right alternative.

Baby Ara Macaw Price

Types of Baby Macaws

Macaw Parrot Prices After discussing the puppies issue, it should be underlined that the varieties are also important for the buyers. Macaw is also known as arachnid parrot and is one of the most preferred parrot species by people. There are different types of Macaw Parrot available. It should also be noted that the most suitable parrot species to talk is the Macaw Parrot. Macaw Parrots are extremely intelligent animals that they can easily answer some questions that require intelligence after receiving a good education.

We can show the Macaw Parrot varieties as follows;

As can be seen, parrots are divided into varieties according to the colors of their bodies. Blue green and red yellow Macaw is one of the most preferred parrot species that color the world of people.

Macaw Parrot Physical

Macaw Parrots are evaluated in terms of height and weight according to the species. The length of the yellow and blue Macaw Parrot varies between 75 and 85 cm. It is native to Bolivia and Paraguay. The homeland of the red yellow macaw is Brazil, Ecuador and Paraguay. Their height can be between 80 and 90 cm. The blue-chested macaw is brought from the country of Bolivia and can reach an average of 75 cm in length. The green wing macaw can be between 90 and 100 cm and is known as the homeland of South America. The blue head macaw is 40 45 cm tall and is known as the smallest macaw. The soldier-colored macaw is 30 cm in size and is brought from the Colombia-Mexico region.

How to Care for a Macaw Parrot?

Another issue that those who want to buy a parrot after the puppies issue is how it is taken care of. There are some points to be considered if the Macaw Parrot is to be kept at home. Items such as food bowls and water bowls in which the parrot is fed often need to be carefully disinfected. It’s a smart idea to lay paper on the bottom layer of the cage in case the food spills out. Of course, the papers laid under the cage must be changed daily.

Since the Macaw Parrot loves to play, it is also useful to have toys in its cage so that it can play comfortably. For example, it can be a ball of yarn or a rattle. Of course, once in a while you can guide her to play. For example, relocating toys and changing toys regularly will make the Parrot more active.

Macaw Parrot Nutrition and Training

Macaw parrots can be difficult in the training phase at first, but if the owner is friendly to her, she can get rid of her anger in a short time. They are so easy to maintain and train because they are intelligent.

They can grasp many words in a short time. Their vocabulary is wide and they can reach the level of conversation in a short time. They are fed with nuts, fruits and grains. It is absolutely necessary not to neglect the fruit so that they do not remain without vitamins.

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