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Love parrots, whose original homeland is known as South Africa, shining brightly with their colorful feathers and having cute facial expressions, have gained a place in people’s knowledge with a confusion under the name of lovebirds in Turkey. The lovebirds known to the Turkish people are actually in a group called the love parrot around the world. For this reason, this confusion has been eliminated by discussing the issue of love parrots in detail. Within the group of love parrots, it is divided into the rose-faced love parrot, the love parrot, the red-headed love parrot, the lilian’s love parrot and the black-winged love parrot. Love parrot is among the ideal species in terms of price.

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Love Parrot Prices According to Characteristics of Love Parrots

Love parrots are known for their devotion to their home and their mates. As a symbol of this devotion, they were called love parrots. In order for Sevda parrots to be fed in a healthy way, it is better to feed them in pairs, and this is one of the factors that will make the parrots happy. Couples of love parrots usually take care to spend every hour of the day taking care of each other. These parrots, which need to be fed in pairs in terms of productivity, become fond of their owner when they are fed alone and expect the same fondness from their owner.

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Love Parrot Price According to Physical Characteristics of Love Parrots

There are 9 different species of love parrots, which impress with their looks and affectionate nature. The beak structure of these parrot species is large and strong. They also have different color variations. It varies in size from 12 to 18 cm. Its feathers are short. It is quite assertive in terms of making noise with a severe and rough tone. Although a bird that can speak comes to mind when a parrot is mentioned, the speaking ability of these species is not very developed. However, with a little training, it may be possible to teach a few words.

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So How Should the Love Parrot Care Be?

As explained, it is healthier to eat as a couple. They like to live in pairs. If she is to be fed alone, attention should be paid to her in a way that will not make her feel lonely. They have a lively and curious nature. For this reason, it is necessary to be careful when you take it out of the cage at home. With their moving structures, they may be faced with the danger of harming the surrounding objects and their own lives. When outside the cage, they love to wander around the shoulders and heads of their accustomed owners.

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Feeding Habits of the Love Parrot

It can be fed with seed feeds, which are also eaten by budgerigars at animal vendors. It can also sometimes be supplemented with fruits.

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How to Tell the Gender of a Love Parrot?

The tail shapes of male love parrots are pointed. In female lovebirds, it appears in a fan style. In addition, while the feet of an adult male parrot stand 1 cm apart, the female parrot stands more than 1 cm apart. But these are all just guesswork. If a definitive gender diagnosis is desired, DNA testing is essential.

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How to Tell the Age of Love Parrots?

When looking at a young love parrot, the nostrils are more prominent than adults. Because the nose structure of adults does not show its clarity unless it is moist. If its gaza is completely covered with a white or red tone, it means that the parrot has exceeded 3 months of growth. In addition, the intense brown spots appearing in the foot area is a sign that it is a baby parrot. If no detail is visible on the foot, it means that it has exceeded 5 months.

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How Much Does This Cute Love Parrot Price?

In the past years, that is, in 2016, the price of the love parrot ranged from $80 to $100. However, in these recent years, both bait and parrot prices have increased slightly and started to be sold at $150 and above.

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