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Parrot Care in Hot Weather

Taking some precautions in hot weather after cold days is very important not only for us, but also for our parrots that we live with at home.

Another important point of attention for parrots that live more closed in the house in winter is our doors and windows that start to open more. Another topic will be general hygiene rules.

Parrot Care in Warm Weather

Parrot Care in Hot Weather

Especially in large group parrots, even if the wing adjustment has been checked before, check it again at home. If there is an elongation in the wings, do not leave them open outside the cage without re-adjusting the wings. If you are going to leave, be sure to check your windows and doors beforehand. Check the wing adjustment we recommend for smaller parrot species. Always check the windows and doors before removing them from the cage.

Draw the curtains in front of the window at home. (As parrots have different ways of perceiving light, they do not see the window and hit the window directly while flying.) Release your parrot.

Caring for Parrots in Warm Weather
With the warming of the weather, bacteria also find the opportunity to reproduce. They enter our lives more actively. In these seasons, it is beneficial to increase the number of cage floor cleanings from 2-3 to 4-5 per week compared to winter months. It is essential to wash and clean the cages and equipment thoroughly with hot water at the end of each week.

Remove any remnants of bait stuck to the wires or bits of feces on the floor. If you neglect to clean them, remember that they will produce bacteria. Bacteria will harm your dear friend. Do not forget that the feed residues and feces accumulated on the cage floor with the effect of the warmer weather will cause excessive odor in the house.

Are Parrots Cold?

Again in these months, the variety of fresh foods becomes abundant, and we offer our parrots richer menus than in winter. But the worst part of this good aspect is that they cannot be kept in the cage for a long time. If the deterioration and smelling time of the food given in winter is approximately 4 hours, this period should be considered as 2 hours in the summer heat. If you do not take the fresh food left in the plate or manger on time, you should know that; these will certainly produce bacteria and will also harm your pet rather than benefit as they deteriorate.

In addition, mold fungus that reproduces in food in this way can cause Aspergillus disease in our parrots. This disease is deadly. In cases where it does not kill, it shortens the life span and cannot be cured. In this regard, working friends who are not at home during the day suffer the most. My suggestion to you is to get up early for an hour before leaving the house in the morning or give your parrot fresh food as soon as you get up. They will consume the amount they need and throw away the rest until you get ready and do your daily maintenance.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to remove the feed residues from the cage without leaving the house. You also have the opportunity to give fresh foods when you come home in the evening. If you can’t give in the morning, you make up for it in the evening. But do not forget to take it from the cage after 2 hours.

Parrot Care in Warm Weather
It will be necessary to increase this number on hot days for our parrots, which require less bathing in winter. It may be necessary to spray 2-3 times on the same day, instead of once a week, depending on the heat level of the day in summer. If you are a working person or cannot be at home during the day, please do not do this before leaving home in the morning.

It is healthier to do the spraying process, especially at noon, when we are at home all day. For smaller species, this is more easily solved with commercially available bathing bowls. Large and large species need to be sprayed regularly. Our advice to you is to spray once a week and moisten it slightly every other day, while ensuring that it is completely wet and thoroughly washed. Of course, the important thing in this application is the temperature of the day. It is the extremely hot weather mentioned here.

Precautions to be Taken for Birds in Hot Weather

If you are taking the cages to the balcony, the cages should not receive airflow from the room doors and should not be exposed to direct sun. The hours of sun exposure, which are harmful to us, are also harmful to them. Be careful when you take them out for sunbathing.

Remember, the heat hits them too and may causetheir death. In addition, do not take it outside without taking measures to cut this breeze or current on your balconies with excessive blowing or current.

If your parrot is accustomed to being fed with fresh food and is taking them without any problems, it is useful to reduce the vitamin added to the water to 2 times a week in the spring and summer months. Because the vitamin contains sugar and taking it from fresh foods does more harm than good.

The waters should be followed with the same care. These waters should be changed and refreshed twice a day. Especially when you add vitamins, renew the water without waiting too long. Otherwise, it will cause bacteria production and damage it.

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