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Avoid keeping your parrot whenever possible. Forced hold makes her fear you and act timid for a while. However, you may have to keep it for reasons such as disease control, wings, nail cutting and medication. In this case, check the doors and windows first to prevent possible unpleasantness. Open the cage door slowly and let her come out. Since it is private property, the cage will not like manual interventions. Gently drop a medium-sized towel over it. In the meantime, prevent her from getting scared by saying nice things in a soft tone. Grasp the back of her head with her thumb and forefinger and keep her head in the circle formed between the fingers. Meanwhile, the other fingers of your hand should be closed.

Even if the parrot wants to bite you, it can only bite the towel because it cannot reach your hand. In the meantime, whatever operation (nail or wing cutting, giving medication, etc.) you are going to do, do it without wasting time. Then release the parrot by slowly releasing its head and raising the towel.

Do not use gloves unless absolutely necessary to handlethe parrot. Because gloves are always used while being taken from one place to another, starting from the period of being caught in nature, parrots are afraid of this object.

If your parrot is fluttering excessively, breathing rapidly, and seems distressed, stop handling it until it passes. Avoid holding it at noon during the summer months when the weather is very hot.

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