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Parrots are generally a kind of bird that is affectionate, friendly and available in different colors. Especially some species such as lovebird, African grey parrot, Lory parrot are among the frequently domesticated parrot species. Because these parrots are the birds that can adapt to their home environment the fastest.

At the same time, these parrots quickly establish an emotional bond with their owners when tamed. In general, parrots are given a different name, according to their color or color in weight. When it comes to different species and different colors, the widest price comparison can be made in the pet shop.

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Parrots and their Species

There are quite a few different types of parrots, and they are generally named according to their colours. For example, parrots such as the Red Ara parrot, the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon Parrot, the Mealy Amazon Parrot, the african grey baby parrot, are named according to their puppies and colors. Some parrots are named according to where they live, such as the American red. One of them is the Alexander parrot.

These parrots also take names such as talkative or active when naming. This shows the parrot’s condition. In this regard, the color choice of parrots is again up to the preferences of the people. The best research on color and price can be done in the pet shop. It has a very wide network in choosing different puppies or colors. That’s why the parrot you want is available at the most affordable prices.

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Gender and Age Distinction in Parrots

In some parrots, it is very difficult to distinguish between sex and age. In fact, it is impossible to reveal this with only their external appearance. Therefore, if you want to buy a parrot like this, you can find out its gender by doing a special test. The sex of the parrots you will choose, parrot prices are located in the pet shop. You can choose gender and parrot species according to the information in there.

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Age discrimination is also very difficult in parrots. Only in some parrots, age discrimination can be made from their beaks and the color of their beaks. Apart from that, it is not possible to make a general estimation about the age in general. Again, this can be revealed based on certain information. Therefore, the sex and age of most parrots cannot be determined clearly only from the external appearance.

About Training Parrots

Most parrots are easy to train, especially if they are puppies. To understand that a parrot is a baby, it is enough to look at the feet and see the birthmarks. At the same time, another feature that shows offspring in some parrot species is eye color. You can test whether the parrot has puppies by eye color. As long as the eye color of the example Gray parrot is black, it will show that it is a cub.

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If you want a baby parrot, you can get clear information about whether there are puppies or not from the parrot information given at the Pet Shop. However, the person who will buy a baby parrot should be a person who can be patient with the baby parrot. Because it needs to be looked after like a baby until it is trained.

Parrots Need to Pay Attention to Their Nutrition

Parrots are generally fed with feeding bottles and syringes if they are puppies. However, if it is a slightly adult pup, ready-made food is used for her. Again, if it is an adult parrot species, you can also feed that parrot fruit puree.

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But this needs to be tested on parrots. At the same time, the parrotshould not be given foods that may be allergic and hard foods. Another point to be considered in the feeding and care of parrots is the cage. The cage should be quite large and should not be in an extremely hot environment.

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