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African Grey Parrot Prices Baby

There are some cases that indicate that the African Grey Parrot is a pup. Especially if the eyes must be black. If the African Grey Parrot you bought has both yellow and black eyes, it indicates that this parrot is no longer a juvenile, but a parrot that has entered its adult period. However, you should still be careful in this regard and do your best to ensure its full development.

In addition, if you bought a parrotthis way as a pup, it will be very difficult to train because it is a little more adult. So when choosing eye color, make sure that the parrot is black. Because black indicates that she is small and is easier on your side to train.

baby African Grey Parrot prices

How to Treat African Grey Parrot Like Babies

Taking and taming the African Grey Parrot when it is a baby creates a good bond with its owner. However, since it is a pup, it will be necessary to be patient while feeding or raising it. You have to feed and protect the African Grey Parrot, thinking it almost like a baby. In general, these can sometimes be combative when taken as puppies.

Because they will need to know the environment they are trying to adapt to and get used to it since they have not lived in such an environment before. Therefore, if it is a pup whose wings are starting to come into its own, they may be a little more insecure and aggressive. The first thing you need to do during care is to make the African Grey Parrot trust yourself. You can also get her cage to be a toy and quite wide. In addition, the prices of African Grey Parrot will vary for baby ones.

African Grey Parrot puppies prices

Feeding a Baby African Grey Parrot

A bottle or syringe is usually required when feeding African Grey Parrot.

If the African Grey Parrot is a little larger and can be fed in your hand, you can feed it with your hands to strengthen the bond between you and it. This way you get used to you and it also makes it easier for you to take him out of his cage and put him back.

What you can do for the slightly larger ones is instant food and fruit type foods. But you should give by checking that this African Grey Parrot can not eat. You can control this by giving less food at first. Especially parrots with yellow and black eyes are slightly larger than baby parrots.

That’s why African Grey Parrot prices should be taken by paying attention to the baby type. Because the yellow and black parrot is now in the developmental period. The feeding of the parrot should be done accordingly, as it is in the developmental period.

baby African Grey Parrot prices

Things to Consider in African Grey Parrot

If you have taken it in the form of a baby and there is no bond between you at the same time, do not take things out of the cage or take them out without trusting you. Because when you do, it will be very, very difficult for you to put it back in the cage. She may even attack you and get into a small fight to avoid getting into the cage. That’s why you have to keep her in the cage until she trusts you, and you should always take care of her.

It may take about 1 week to 15 days to get used to you. When approaching her cage, you usually have to arrive in a friendly manner and show her that you love her. In this way, she will get used to you more quickly and it will be easier for you to train her. That’s why you should keep the bond between you tight and try your best to make it happen.

African Grey Parrot prices baby owner

African Grey Parrot Prices

African Grey Parrot prices are generally between $2000 – $3000 for babies. However, this varies according to the shape of the parrot. At the same time, the state of health of the African Grey Parrot also affects this. Especially when buying a parrot, you should buy it by checking whether the parrot is healthy rather than the price.

If the parrot looks sick, it will appear sluggish and constantly sleepy. In this case, there may be a risk of the parrot dying. In addition, sex discrimination is very difficult in African Grey Parrot species. So you may need to take a test to find out the sex of the parrot.

The prices of a baby African Grey Parrot vary according to the parrot’s condition. The daily price of a new baby African Grey Parrot starts from $7.000 in 2020 and increases according to its age, feather, health status and region. The highest price we heard is $20.000.

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