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Lovebirds generally choose Africa as their habitat. Lovebirds in every color are intensely green, but they can also be found in nearly 30 different colors. The feature that distinguishes lovebirds from other parrots is that they are very small and close to humans.

These are the types of parrots that you often see and shake their head while listening to music. However, it should be known that this parrot does not have the ability to speak. Therefore, when determining the price of lovebirds, mobility, speakingability and colors are usually taken as criteria.

Lovebird Parrot Prices

Caring for a Lovebird

Caring for a lovebird at home is quite easy. However, this parrot is very sensitive and so you may need to form a special bond with it. Her favorite areas are warm and humid areas. It generally feeds on the seeds or flowers of its plants. However, they also love fruits and ready-made foods. It may seem a little harmful as it sheds its feathers in certain periods, but this is not a dangerous situation.

Lovebird Prices 2019

She likes water, so you can let her play with it. It is also a parrot that wants its cage to be large. The price of the Lovebird may vary due to the criterion of being able to get along well with people. Besides, she likes to play very much and finding the materials she can play in the cage will double her level of movement.

What should be done for lovebird mating?

Things to Consider in the Lovebird

At first, the sex of this parrot cannot be distinguished because it is the same color as other parrots. That’s why you need to take a test to find out the gender. Again, when the parrot is being taken, it should be taken with the spouse if she has a spouse. Because the parrot will be sad and wear itself out without its mate. It will also make it harder for you to get used to it. This could even cause her to get sick and die.

Lovebird Receiving a Baby

That’s why you have to be careful about having a wife. Lovebirdsmay differ in price. However, if we give a certain price range, it can be found between $150 and $300. However, this price information is not precise and clear. Because this price may vary depending on the type, color and movements of the parrot. At the same time, age, which is the biggest factor, is taken into account when determining the price.

How to Tell if a Lovebird is a Baby

General Information About the Lovebird

If you are going to buy a cage for your lovebird, the cage should be quite large and you can see the outside comfortably. In other words, the parrot should not be completely closed in the cage, and at the same time, the food and water in the cage should be constantly checked. You can also find out the cage prices during the lovebird price research. Since these parrots are a water-loving parrot, they will play with water and consume it constantly. If you are considering getting a mate for your lovebirds again, you should also get one of its own kind. Because it can be very difficult to get along with another species.

parrot prices lovebird

Also, you should not buy a strong parrot of its own kind for your lovebird. You should get a species that is easy to deal with and has a similar body structure. Otherwise, since both parrots do not get along, they may injure each other.

Lovebird Parrot Prices

Diseases of Lovebirds

You should have your lovebird treated as soon as you notice changes in their general health. Because otherwise, the disease may progress and the parrot may suffer great damage without you noticing. For example, if the parrot loses its balance in some cases, closes its eyes all the time, looks sluggish and sleeps all the time, at the same time its joy does not remain as before, if there is a problem in its heartbeat and pulse, it should not be neglected.

Lovebird Baby

Necessary things must be done for the treatment of this parrot. In case of negligence in this regard, the parrot may die or its disease may progress. In order to avoid such situations, it must be treated and at the same time, the treatment should be checked at regular intervals.

Lovebird Parrot Prices
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2017
Cennet papağanı fiyatları 2017 yılında 70₺ - 100₺ civarındaydı. Fakat kafesiyle birlikte aldığınızda bu fiyat yaklaşık olarak 120₺’yi bulabiliyordu.
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2018
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2018 yılında ise 100₺‘ydi. Kafesiyle beraber bu fiyat 150₺‘ye kadar çıkmaktaydı.
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2019
Cennet papağanı fiyatları 2019 yılında güncel olarak 150₺’dir. Fakat bu fiyatlar papağanın rengine, yaşına ve bulunduğunuz yere göre değişebilir. Ortalama olarak bakıldığında yıllar arası değişimde fiyatlar bu şekilde listelenebilmektedir.
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2020
Cennet papağanı fiyatları 2020 yılı içerisinde 150₺ ile 250₺ arasında değişmekteydi. Bu değişim papağanın tüy yapısı, yavru alma durumu, sağlığı ve eğitimi gibi durumlara göre değişmektedir.
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2021
Cennet papağanı fiyatları 2021 yılı içerisinde 200₺ ile 300₺ arasındaydı. Bu fiyat değişkliği bulunduğunuz bölgeye göre başta olmak üzere papağanın tüy yapısı, sağlığı, eş durumunda yavru alınıp alınamayacağı gibi durumlara göre değişiklik göstermektedir.
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2022
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2022’de öngördüğümüz cennet papağanı 300₺ ile 700₺ arasında değişiyor. Yakın zamanda enflasyonun hızla artması yem, mama ve ilaç gibi ihtiyaçların fiyatları bir anda yükselmesi cennet papağanı sevenler ve üreticilerini de zora sokmuştur.
Cennet Papağanı Fiyatları 2023
Cennet papağanı fiyat 2023 yılı içerisinde 500₺ ile 750₺ arasında olması beklenmektedir.
Cennet Papağanı 2024 Fiyatları
Cennet papağanları, renkli tüyleri ve eğlenceli kişilikleriyle evcil hayvan sahiplerini cezbetmeye devam ediyor. 2024 yılında, Cennet papağanları genellikle 3.500₺ ile 5.000₺ arasında fiyatlanmaktadır. Bu zarif kuşlar, farklı renk seçenekleriyle ve sosyal tavırlarıyla aileler için harika birer evcil dost olabilir.
Papağan Türü Fiyat Aralığı
Yeşil Cennet 3.500₺ - 5.000₺
Mavi Cennet 3.500₺ - 5.000₺
Sarı Cennet 3.500₺ - 5.000₺
Turuncu Cennet 3.500₺ - 5.000₺
Beyaz Cennet 3.500₺ - 5.000₺
Siyah Cennet 3.500₺ - 5.000₺
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