Parrot Training

How to Train a How to Train a African Grey Parrot?

In African Grey parrot training; First of all, when you bring the parrot home, give it a nice name and always call it that name. Repeat the name next to the parrot in a happy, light tone. Speech training will obviously be a bit trickier, as such parrots are not used to their new life for the first 120 days.

You should not be hasty in this matter. At the end of 120 days, speaking training can be started in a planned manner. Parrots can be trained at certain times every day. In African Grey parrot training, when the parrot adapts to the home and environment, it is more easily trained and will learn repetitive words and phrases better.

How to Tame a African Grey Parrot

Tips for African Grey Parrot Training

  • If audio recording is used in speech training, make sure that the sound is good and correct. If the sound is not good and correct, your parrot will repeat the same words and phrases that are not good and correct, and this will be wrong learning.
  • If the recorded sound is not clear, the parrot cannot understand repeated words and phrases and therefore cannot repeat them.
  • Maybe you want your bird to speak with your own local dialect, for example, if you want to repeat words and sentences with Aegean, Thrace or Erzurum accents, and naturally, it will be more efficient and successful if training is given from the voices of the people of that region.
  • If you don’t want your bird to repeat one or some words, don’t use those words no matter how many times they use them and teach different words instead, in which case those words will be replaced by different words in their memory.

How to Talk a African Grey Parrot

Appropriate Times for African Grey Parrot Training

If someone has taught the parrot slang or unpleasant words and you want those words to be forgotten, there is only one way; it is the repetition of words. The most suitable speech training timing for African Grey parrot training is when the parrots are free. This type of parrot, which is very friendly and cute, is ready for speech training if it has woken up from sleep and has a full stomach and it is not time for daycare. They devote 8-9 hours of the day to hair care. They do not like to be disturbed at all in these time zones. If the parrot has started to move in its cage and is whistling, this means a suitable time for speech training.

For a quality and efficient speech training, practicing your parrot within a certain time zone will allow your parrot to relax at that hour and listen to you alone.
During the African Grey parrot training, you can understand that your parrot is getting bored with the speech training, by constantly eating its bait, whistling or starting to move in the cage. In such cases, end the training because your training will not be efficient.

How to Feed a African Grey Parrot?

Things to Consider for the African Grey Parrot to Talk

During speech training, you should not say words or phrases to your parrot in a slow and low tone of voice, because in such a case, the parrot will repeat the words with the same tone of voice and it will be difficult for you to understand. In parrot speech training, words must be spoken clearly and loudly. Prefer happy and funny sentences.

Never teach your parrot slang or unpleasant words, because you may repeat these words when you see your spouse, friends, relatives and relatives because they do not know what it means, and you may be embarrassed to your guests.

How to Make African Grey Parrots Talk

Creativity in Education

Get creative with your parrot speech training and prioritize teaching sentences that will surprise or play fun. Do not fill your mind with unnecessary words. During Jaco parrot training, regularly prepare a speech training plan after your parrot gets used to the training and environment. In the early stages of training, choose short and simple words. Never teach hard-to-say words.

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