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Cockatoo parrots are a general name given to parrots in the Cacatuidae family. Its homeland is Australia, the South Pacific Islands, the Solomon Islands and the Malacca Peninsula regions. There are 17 different species identified so far. They live in trees and nest in tree trunks. They move in large flocks. Average life expectancy varies between 20-50 years. Cockatiel parrots are the most well-known species of this family. Apart from these, there are species such as palm cockatoo, yellow-tailed cockatoo, pink cockatoo, goffin cockatoo.

Cockatoo White Parrot Prices

Their color is usually white. But it is available in types with different color properties. Black and pink are the most common colors other than white. One of the most important external features is the upturned hairs on their heads. While the feathers are constantly raised in some cockatoo species, some of them are lifted according to the situation of the environment. It is the type of parrot that has the best relationship with humans.

– How much does a cockatiel cost?
+ According to the region you live in, the average (2017 year) is between $6,000$9,000. The price of white beaks may be slightly higher.

White Cockatoo Parrots Overview

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