Amazon Parrots, Parrot Prices

Amazon Parrot Prices

Amazon parrots, like other parrots, are a very colorful, lively and intelligent parrot species. You can teach many words to the amazon parrot and have them repeat at the same time. That’s why it is one of the most preferred parrot species and even the preferred area is quite wide. You can see the Amazon parrot species not only in homes but also in workplaces and entertainment centers.

That’s why Amazon parrot prices are also quite high. These Amazon parrot species, which have a very long lifespan, generally live in the Americas region. While determining the different types, they are named according to their colors, and since they are quite abundant in color, they are also more in number.

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Amazon Parrot Care

Amazon parrots are almost 2 times more sensitive than other parrots. That’s why the cages of these parrots should be a little wider and the playgrounds and play items should be quite plentiful. Because they can be affected very quickly in narrow cages. In addition, they should be cleaned once or twice a week in the cage. When cleaning the cages, it should be noted that the cages are completely cleaned.

In addition, plenty of toys should be left in the cage and the water of the food should be constantly checked. If a mate is to be bought for Amazon parrots, then a mate of its own kind should be taken. Amazon parrot prices will be high, especially if you buy a spouse with a high price.

amazon parrot prices

Amazon Parrot Characteristics

Since it is a very docile animal, it will quickly get used to its home environment and its owner. Amazon parrots can memorize thousands of words as long as they are trained. Amazon parrots also have quite a lot of colors. According to these colors, their types and names are different. In general, a name is given according to the colors on the face or head.

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It is a parrot that loves to play with its owner and demands constant attention. So you may need to be careful about it and take care of it a little more. It is very difficult to distinguish between the sexes of parrot species and their lifespans vary according to their gender. Therefore, it is necessary to perform the test in order to get a definite result on this issue.

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Amazon Parrot Species

Amazon parrot species are named because of their color and there are many species. Yellow-billed amazon, orange-winged amazon, scaly amazon, yellow-crested amazon, black-billed amazon, yellow-haired amazon, white-fronted amazon, red-eyed amazon, red-crested amazon species.

In addition, there are amazon species named as stork-crested amazon, red-haired amazon, lilac amazon, blue-cheeked amazon, red-browed amazon, and red-tailed amazon. All of them have been named differently according to their beak, color and eye structure.

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This species is very common in our country. These parrot species, whose length exceeds approximately 35 centimeters, are a parrot that can be best fed in the home environment. That’s why Amazon parrot prices are quite high.

amazon parrot prices

Feed & Food for Amazon Parrots

As with other parrots, Amazon parrots are parrots that can be fed with softer and ready-made foods. However, the important thing to be careful about the food of these parrots is that the fruit or food you give is clean. It is often preferred because it is one of the best parrot species that can be fed at home. However, people should be very careful about their care. Especially the food and water of the amazon parrot should be constantly checked and the same kind of fruit should not be given one after the other.

yellow forehead amazon parrot prices

He gets bored of it and at the same time, green foods should be given infrequently, that is, if he likes it. You can buy parrot food specially. They can also eat insects, but of course, do not give insect species. Therefore, when looking at Amazon parrot species, you can also give them pollen foods that they will generally like.

Amazon Parrot Prices How Much?

Prices of Amazon parrots vary according to feather, age, color, movement and speech. It varies between a minimum of $20.000 and $40.000.

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