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The Ara parrot is one of the most active parrots. The general habitat of ara parrots is America. That’s why the name “Ara”, which means a kind of American, was given. The parrot is quite different from other parrots. In terms of general appearance, the predominant colors are red and blue. At the same time, they can be 90 or even 100 centimeters in size.

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Another feature that distinguishes it from other parrots is that its tail is quite long. There are 7 different species of ara parrot. However, the two known species have become extinct due to different reasons. Ara parrot, one of the most domesticated parrot species. That’s why the prices of ara parrots are quite high as a breeder. Another reason is that it is imported.

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General Characteristics of Ara Parrot Species

Ara parrot is a parrot whose face is hairless in general and its eyes are distinctively colored. Some species can be aggressive when it comes to domestication. At the same time, some people get used to the environment quickly. In one parrot species, there are almost 8 or 9 different colored feathers. Since its beak is long and hard, it is a very strong parrot.

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In general, the ara parrot is closer to red color tones. The most striking feature is that it is perky and very active. Because of these features, ara parrot prices are usually kept high by the breeder. It is known that two of its species are extinct, while some wings, feathers and skin of the extinct species are still known to be preserved.

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Gender and Age of the Ara Parrot Species

In general, the sex of the ara parrot is not known exactly. Because they look exactly like parrots of the same species. Because they look exactly like parrots of the same species. Because most of the features found in male parrots are also found in female parrots. Again, it is very difficult to estimate the age of the ara parrot.

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In general, it is possible to have a test to find out the gender. However, information can be obtained from sellers to find out its age. The young ones of the ara parrot species can move more easily. Because while the adults are larger, the young ones are weaker and their feathers are generally softer. That’s why the young ara parrot prices are more than petshop.

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