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Parrots are a bird species that can speak heaven and imitate. Especially when you take the little ones and raise them with you, they get used to you quickly and they become your everything. If you are going to buy a parrot and you want to know its age, you can look at the beak of the parrot if you want to test whether the information we have received is correct. The dark color in the parrot’s beak shows the parrot’s age.

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If the brown in its beak is constantly changing and it shows opening with time, this means that the age of the parrot is advancing. You can also look at the feet of parrots, which can be small in general but do not show their age, to see if they are puppies. They have brown spots like a birthmark on their feet. These spots indicate that it is a smaller baby parrot its age.

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Gender in the Lovebird

The sex status of the lovebird can only be determined with tests. However, the gender can still be predicted from the outward appearance. The tails of male lovebirds are generally longer and pointed and not a messy tail. However, this situation is a little different for the female parrot.

lovebird parrot prices

Especially the tail parts are longer and scattered, and the space between the feathers is a little more. In addition, the male lovebird may be a bit tougher and quarrelsome. The female is just the opposite. By examining the tail parts, the sex of the lovebirds can be determined as an estimate. However, the real determination comes out with the test given to it.

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Parrot Accompaniment Status

There is no one who does not know the situation of parrots having a partner among themselves. Because that’s how these parrots hug each other. That’s why, when buying a parrot, be careful whether it has a partner or not, if you do, you should also get its spouse. The parrot you buy will get sick in a short time and he will be punished for his longing for his wife.

lovebird parrot prices

In fact, sometimes the absence of its mate may even result in the death of the parrot. Therefore, if you buy a parrot by checking whether it has a mate, you will make the most logical move to prevent that parrot from getting sick.

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Things to Consider in the Bird of Love

Parrot lovebird is a parrot that is constantly moving. When it comes to a situation such as being inactive, that parrot may have a health problem. There are several different ways to understand this. At first, you can see if the parrot looks tired in general.

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Then, especially if the parrot seems to be sleeping all the time and at the same time the eyelids are constantly closing, this parrot is most likely sick. In addition, if the parrot has a discharge and their breathing is unstable, then you should not take that parrot.

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The Price Range of the Lovebird in General

When the lovebird is taken as a baby, it will show you all its spoiledness when you stand next to it until it grows up. Because it is a type of parrot that is active. The price of this parrot varies according to its age or condition.

lovebird parrot prices

Generally speaking, the price range of this parrot can be said to be between $150 and $300. There are certain circumstances that determine the price of the parrot. Therefore, this price range may also vary.

Factors Affecting the Price of a Parrot

There are many other factors that affect the price, such as how old the parrot is, its mobility, features, its difference from normal parrots, and also where you buy it. When buying a parrot, you can find a parrot in this price range.

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However, the prices of these parrots may vary depending on the general characteristics of the parrot you like and the parrot you want to buy, and other affecting factors. When you buy a parrot by paying attention to what you need to pay attention to, you will have a very good parrot.

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