Parrot Prices, Parrots

Parrot Prices

Parrots are bird species that can be fed at home. There are many varieties of this species as well. Their properties vary according to the varieties. There are prices according to size, speaking ability, abilities.

Prices by Parrot Species

Budgie Puppies Prices


Although the budgerigar is not referred to as a parrot species, it is a member of this family. Budgerigars in different colors have different colors. Although male species are generally known for their speaking ability, female birds also have the ability to speak. However, it is a little more difficult for them to speak than male birds. The life span is about 5 – 10 years. Length: 18 cm. The part above the beak of male birds is blue, while female birds are purple-pink. In young birds, this color is indeterminate. It is a very active bird species. She likes constant attention. The price range is around $5060$.

Cockatiel Parrot For Sale From The Breeder


It is the second most common type found in homes. They like to whistle. Player birds. They are quite talkative. They like to imitate. They may whistle sounds such as doorbells and songs. They learn easily. They are imitators. It has different colors. It most often has a yellow-white appearance. There are also gray ones, but they are a little harder to find than yellow ones. They have a lifespan of 10 – 15 years. They can reach up to 35 cm in length. The feathers on their heads give information about their mood. When feathers lie back, it is an indication that they feel safe. Taking it before the age of one is a period when they are more productive in terms of speech. The price range is $250$300.

lovebird parrot prices


It is a non-speaking species compared to other parrot species. They attract attention with their vivid colors. It is one of the species that can be fed at home that loves to play. They are linked as a couple. Their lifespan is about 10 years. They are in the range of 15-20 cm in length. The price range is $150$200.

Ara Parrot Prices 2020

Ara Parrot

Their color is blue yellow and very vibrant. This bird species, which is quite large in size, is difficult in terms of care. They can reach up to 90 cm in length. It can reach up to 1 kg in weight. Their beaks are very strong. They are smart parrots. She speaks words and sentences very easily. Its diet is more complex than other species. They need different nutrients. Prices are quite high. This type, which is not often found, increases even more with prices starting from $15.000.

ara scarlet macaw for sale

Red Macaw Parrots

This species is similar to the ara parrot. Its color is red and vibrant. They can reach up to 90 cm in size. It is about 1 kg in weight. It is among the types of protection. Builds words and sentences with ease. They can live up to 50 years. Since it is a large species, it is not possible for them to live in restricted areas. It is necessary for those who will look after this bird species to provide a large living space. Prices of live parrots are around $20.000. It is more difficult to find in the market, as this species is not often found.

Cockatoo Parrot Price

Cockatoo Parrot

Body hair is usually white. There are also types of politics. Its dimensions are around 50 cm. They have a life span of 20 – 25 years. They can reach a weight of around 500 grams. Their speaking ability is limited. If interested, conversations can be provided. They are very smart animals. They have a habit of gnawing things in the house. Their sound can reach very high decibels. They like to make noise. In this respect, it is difficult to feed at home. They can make many games when trained. It is a rare species. Prices of live parrots start from $5.000.

African Grey parrot voice

African Grey Parrot

It is one of the most popular parrot species at home. Vocabulary learning capacity is quite high. They have gray color. They can easily use words and sentences. Their voices are very close to the human voice. Its dimensions are around 30 35 cm. Their life span is around 40 – 50 years. They must have a large area to live in. They can easily imitate animal sounds. They are animals that love attention. The more attention she gets, the more comfortable she will get used to it. Prices of live parrots are around $6,000.

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