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African Grey parrot features

The parrot prices African Grey are among the affordable species preferred by bird lovers who adapt easily to the house. Details such as where to buy and what are the features can change the price range of these types. Jako parrots, which are easily domesticated at home, can be bought in pet shops, bird markets or via the internet, like other species of the bird kingdom. While some give their bird for a certain fee, some can give it in exchange for another bird. Due to its features and ease of maintenance, its price is a bit expensive. At first, you may be offended by the price, but it deserves the money given as it will make you feel like there is another person at home.

African Grey parrot

What Are the Characteristics of the African Grey Parrot?

When we look at the features of the parrot, we see that it is very suitable for the type and characteristics of the parrot. Unlike other species, they have a slightly smaller size and can grow up to 60 cm. While they live an average of 30 years in a cage environment, there are also some that can live up to 60 years. Compared to other bird species, their care is very simple and they shed very little. They have a very high ability to memorize words and repeat them, and they are simple bird species to train. They do not have various types of colors compared to other parrots. All of them have gray plumage, but they are much more interesting than other parrots with colorful plumage.

African Grey Parrot Price

Due to their inquisitive nature, they listen to every sound that comes out, and thanks to their superior imitation abilities, they soon begin to make their owners’ voices. African Grey parrot prices cause an increase based entirely on their features, rather than their appearance, as it is understood. To understand the age of this bird species, it is necessary to examine the details of its appearance. Their tails are red while all their feathers are gray. While the tail of the older parrot is light red, the tail of the younger parrot is dark red. While their eyes are black before 1 year of age, they turn gray after 1 year and yellow after a few years.

African Grey parrot prices

Feeding the African Grey Parrot

There are foods produced for parrots. You can give them with confidence. But if you want to give the vegetables or fruits that are available at home other than them, this is also possible. Some foods are just for them. Nuts such as peanuts, nuts, boiled meat, boiled eggs, lettuce, broccoli, cheese, seeds and dried fruits. These are useful and satisfying for them, but they should not be exaggerated when giving. Be careful not to give it every day. Diversity in their meals is important for them to lead a healthy life.

African Grey parrot prices baby

African Grey parrots have a very sensitive digestive system during the first 2-3 weeks after they are born. For this reason, it is more correct to give baby food. When giving baby food, it is necessary to give it through the mouth little by little and intermittently with the help of a syringe.

Reproduction of the African Grey Parrot

Although African Grey parrots vary in their incubation period according to their age, they all incubate for 20-odd days. Before mating mates, you should definitely distinguish between their sexes. Since it will be very difficult to understand this from the outside, the most reliable way will be DNA testing. The elves should be kept in separate cages at first, but their cages should be kept close together so that you can see if they are getting along well with each other.

African Grey prices puppies

If you think that they have adapted after a good observation for about a week, you can bring them together in a different cage. Make sure they have everything they will need in the cage and make sure the cage is wide. Leave the pair alone in a dark room for about a week except to meet their food needs. After all these processes and the incubation period, new tiny jacoons will be born.

A healthy Jaco parrot starts from $7.000 and a well-trained Jaco parrot costs up to $20.000.

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