The Natural Life of Parrots

Gray Jaco Parrots Wildlife

Herd Life and Wilderness

Gray parrot (Jaco’s parrot), African parrot and cockatoo family parrot species prefer to live near dense forests and ponds. These parrot species, which continue their lives in groups, continue their lives in groups of 20 to 30.

Each group has a leader and the leader leads the group, Parrots have only one mate throughout their life and are a loyal species to their mates. But throughout their lives, this rule is not certain. Just like people. Parrots that mate and lay eggs once or twice a year take care of their young with their spouses.

The average life span of these parrots is between 50-60 years, and this period is doubled in domestic parrots. In a good care process, cage parrots can live between 80 and 100 years.

In the wild, parrots, of course, have their own kind of enemies, phobias and fears, just like any other species. It needs to be protected from murderous birds such as Eagle, Falcon, Dogan, Atmaca or to protect its offspring. Even in pet parrots, this fear is instinctively subconscious.

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